Rumblings Within

For the past couple of days I have felt the intensity of the energy drop substantially. I have not had much in the way of kundalini symptoms or energy fluctuations either. It is as if everything has stopped, but I am not naive enough to think that is the case. I have been through this before and when all is quiet there is usually much, much more going on below the surface.

Deep, Dreamless Sleep

I am once again feeling full of energy when I lay down to sleep. It has been taking me an hour or longer to fall asleep. Then, when I fall asleep, I sleep so deeply that I do not remember my dreams. They fade away within seconds of me opening my eyes.

These dreamless periods are necessary for integration and when I have them I gently remind myself that it is necessary and purposeful; that no matter how little I remember, there is a part of me that remembers it all and is utilizing every moment of dream time to perfect and prepare for the next stage.


It has also been very quiet in my life – both within my thoughts and out in my world. Except for some strange, anxious energy that settled yesterday morning, there has been little excitement in my world. I have, however, been presented with tasks in my life via my job and personal connections. It is as if my spiritual guides took a step back in order for me to “see” the signs in front of my eyes. These messages were always there but I ignored them, more interested in spiritual matters. It is obvious that I am being nudged to not forget my purpose and roles here in the physical.

At least I am not resistant to these messages. I took them with a grain of salt and acknowledged them humbly.

Rumblings Within

When I think of how my life has been these last few days, I am reminded of a dark, quiet and calm lake whose surface shows little sign that anything at all is going on within its depths. Yet, if one were to dive deep down into it, they would find it teeming with life and activity. It appears that that is what is going on with me now and maybe others who are at the same stage as I am. We are preparing and resting, gathering our strength for the next surge of energy that will set our physical bodies spinning.

And there are signs, though subtle, of these “rumblings within”. I have been seeing repetitive numbers in sequence since the end of last week. For example, I saw 11:11 then 12:12 and 1:11, 2:22 and 3:33 all within the same day. The most common numbers I see, though, are 1:11. 11:11 and 12:12. I have also been waking from my dreamless sleep with a restlessness that I cannot describe and a warmth in my body that is familiar yet out of place. When I try to “look” into my heart for the answers I am met with calm as if I am being told “Don’t worry. All is well”. I am okay with this response but I keep looking; keep hoping that this odd, quiet yet somehow “off” period will soon be replaced with something more tangible.


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