Just wanted to update everyone since I have so many posts about health concerns.

I had a physical last Wednesday and got my lab results in today. I got a CBC, lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel and TSH. So basically the works. Everything was within normal range.

My main concerns were cholesterol, blood sugar and TSH. To my surprise, my cholesterol was at its lowest ever – 169! LDL and HDL numbers as they should be.Triglycerides were 50 which is real good, too.

My blood sugar was perfect at 80. I thought for sure it would be down in the low 70s because by the time my blood was drawn I had been fasting for 14 hours (long wait!). So, the concern that I may be diabetic or majorly hypoglycemic is out the window.

My TSH was 1.6 which is on the low end but not low enough for me to have a thyroid problem. So without a thyroid problem to cause the profuse sweating, intense hunger and hot/cold issues only hormone fluctuation remains but my doctor said that was very, very unlikely.

So looks like my health freak-out was just worry over nothing. I am probably in better health than the last time I had blood work done. Guess maybe it was all ascension-related.


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