Three Classes

The dreams about going to college continued last night.

History Class

I purposefully arrived to class early and parked my car outside the college on a hillside. I walked into the large auditorium where class was to be held and took a seat near the back. Then a guest speaker, a dark haired woman, began to speak and it was hard to hear, so I followed everyone else to the front.

The woman’s lecture was on Aristotle and she was quoting him. I recall being intrigued by this but I don’t remember the exact information now. I only recall that I had spoken to a man near me remarking that I had missed many days of class and was trying to make up for the lost time. I was not concerned about it because I knew the subject well.

Algebra Class

I then found myself inside a brightly lit classroom with other students. It resembled a high school classroom but the students were older. I sat down and heard a discussion between other students about an upcoming project. They were suppose to make a 3D model of a star. I was not concerned about it and again told them that I had missed many days. In fact, this was only my second time in class and it had been going on for some time. I decided to take good notes and use the textbook to review the material I had missed. I was certain I would do fine. I am good at math.

Math Class

Oddly, the scene shifted from the brightly lit classroom to a dark, golden colored room with warm browns and golds. It felt to be in a university and I was with a small ground of students. Although it was a math class what we were doing was not math at all. In fact, it was art!

The teacher, a dark haired woman who was very soft spoken and artsy (she reminded me of a yoga instructor), handed out these plastic paint trays with three, round, fist-sized depressions. There was also paint and this white, powdery material that sparkled like crystal. She instructed us to begin to transfer paint into the depressions. I recall the color was suppose to be blue, but when I took my paintbrush and put it first into the white powder and then the paint the color that resulted was a beautiful lavender color. I was told not to worry and to try again. So I did and the result was blue.

I now had two sections filled, one blue and one lavender. The third was a vivid, dark purple.

I became semi-lucid at this point, suddenly recognizing that what I was doing involved the upper three chakras – the throat, third eye and crown. The feeling of the dream was that I was being instructed on how to work with these chakras and what to expect when they are activated. There was also a distinct memory of recognizing that all of the colors came from the white, crystal powder. In this I realized that the chakras were all parts of me specifically separated in order to control and operate the physical body.

I awoke soon after to my crown chakra and left ear buzzing with energy. The message was clear: the next stage would not just involve one chakra, but three.


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