Ominous Vision

Last night, as I lay in bed and just moments after mediating and hearing a ringing in my left ear, I saw a very vivid vision that came with a message.

The vision was of a city street. The silhouette of a man was in the front, left of the scene. Behind him it was dark and there rose up a figure with large, dark wings. I could not see the features of this figure, very obviously an angel, but his wings were immense and took up the entire background. Suddenly the wings burst into flame and the dark angelic being rushed up behind the man and moved him forward. He said, “Get away from Huntington, Alabama”.

This, of course, brought me out of my reverie immediately. I got out of a bed repeating the city name so as not to forget it and did a search on Google. I could not find Huntington in Alabama but I was able to find Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL.

What is odd about this experience is that prior to meditating I had been feeling “off” and noticed I had 12 guides/assistants around me. I was instructed to focus on my body, which I did, and felt a strong pull in my second and third chakras. I spent some time focusing on what the feeling meant and pushing Ego out of the picture so as to get the truth. Then I heard the distinct, high pitched ringing in my left ear. I wondered about it and when it went away my thoughts were clear and I was in a light meditation. Within seconds I had this vision.

When I returned to bed to try and sleep I only had 10 guides/assistants and was able to easily fall asleep.

I do not recall ever having a vision like this before. I have had dreams with messages about other people/events (Katrina for example), but not visions. I feel I need to post this vision in case it is precognitive. If you know anyone who lives near Huntingdon College or uses the Huntington Airport to fly to Alabama keep this vision in the back of your mind.


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