My eventful night continued after the dreams of going to college.


I found myself again semi-lucid and walking through the streets of Hollywood with a man. We stopped at a night club and he pointed out a well known actor, wanting to stop and take a picture with him. I suggest he not do that and when I did the actor turned and began to urinate on the side of the building. He was clearly drunk.

We went inside and the nightclub was pretty full. The lights were purple and in front of us sitting on the floor were two half-naked dancers chained to the bar. I looked around and saw large screens playing videos of light shows and some of what appeared to be video games. I went over and picked up a game control to investigate.

The next thing I know I am transported from the nightclub scene into a new, aqua-green world. I enter into a body and begin flying and exploring this new world. It reminded me of the movie Avatar. The experience was clearly an OBE but I was not fully lucid and most of it is lost to me now. The most memorable is the blue-green water and waterfalls that were in abundance on this world.


I awoke to buzzing energy in my body that jumped from one chakra to the other. The energy was constant around the crown of my head and I was very aware that I was receiving healing. I felt very calm and relaxed and lay there for some time just enjoying the energy as it flowed through me.

When the buzzing stopped I fell back to sleep and into a dream with my husband. My root chakra was excessively active and I kept trying to initiate sex with my husband but we kept being interrupted by our children. I awoke to buzzing in my root chakra. I tried to will the energy upward, hoping for the amazing total body orgasm that sometimes follows. I then heard my guide say to me, “Not yet. You cannot force it”. I wondered when and heard, “In two days”.

I fell back to sleep and awoke late in the morning. I immediately thanked my guide for I knew so much had been accomplished in my sleep and I was so very grateful. I heard him respond, “You’re welcome” and laughed. I could still feel the energy around the back and top of my head and recalled the message from during the night. My guide responded to my thought, “In one day”. I was confused at first and then realized that it was a new day so the message had been altered.

I wonder what Tuesday will bring?


2 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. K.D. Tromp says:

    I don’t know whether this is meant as a piece of fiction or not, but either way you’ve painted a beautiful picture 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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