Test Fail

I have been having dreams about tests again.

The night before last I had a dream where I was in a classroom holding a stack of tests. I put my name on the test and was told that it was not time so I erased it. What was weird is that I could see a previously erased name in the same place where I had written my name. The message appears to be that I am either resistant or not ready for the “test” and that this is not uncommon.

Test Fail

Last night I dreamed of being inside a school. The hallways were narrow and brown in color and there were students coming and going. I was walking one way towards class and kept forgetting where I was going. I was also preoccupied with my cell phone because I had turned it on and it had malfunctioned. The malfunction was that there were ten times the number of icons on the screen than normal, most of which I was not familiar with. I could not find the text icon and when I did I got a list of other icons with it. It was very confusing. I showed the phone to a classmate, a tall, dark haired woman sitting by me. She said that I must have spilled something on the phone to cause it and that she could fix it for me. She handed me the phone and it had some moisture on the screen. For some reason her comment insulted me and I told her, “Never mind. I will figure it out for myself”.

In the hall a professor walked by me. He stopped me, waving a packet of paper in my face. He was my height with gray hair and I remember feeling nervous around him. He said, “It’s not looking good” in reference to how I had done so far on the test. He had not yet finished grading it, though.

I went to the classroom of this professor and waited outside the door. While I waited I glimpsed my reflection in a display and saw my hair was shorter than normal. Then I saw a list of classes posted. I began to read them to myself and noticed they were not classes I had ever taken before. The first one was, “Mechanisms of Micromanagement”. I read through the others on the list but cannot remember them all now. I do recall that they all had one thing in common – socialization and communication. I decided I should write the classes down because they were important. As I began writing down the first class I suddenly realized I was late for class. Reluctant to leave the list behind I went to the class and walked in as the professor was beginning to teach. The class was The History of Western Civilization and I had taken it before.


These dreams indicate to me that I am going through some remedial work to prepare me for the next kundalini event. Perhaps I am needing a “review” of lessons previously learned. Considering the resistance I encountered during the most recent kundalni event, I suspect I am being allowed to prepare myself for the upcoming changes. Plus, I am in a period of transition and being it was my heart that was activated this last time the transition may be a bit bumpy.

The phone in the dream indicates communication is coming into play as well. Perhaps I am learning how to communicate my feelings? I have been struggling with communicating emotionally charged topics. Plus, I have a meeting at work on Monday with my supervisor for reasons unknown. Unknown meetings with a supervisor always stress me out and I worry about what I have done wrong. I have had many instances in the past where I have cried in front of supervisors, unable to control my emotion. It makes me feel stupid and weak and I hope that I do not have such an incident again.


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