Kundalini Patterns

The benefit of documenting kundalini experiences is that I am starting to see patterns. My last kundalini awakening was not documented so thoroughly and there are huge gaps and missing experiences that made it hard to detect any patterns. I now wish I had been more thorough but then again I did not even know it was kundalini until much later in the game.


September 13 – dream about resuming class

September 28 – root chakra activation

October 8 – dream message about four levels

October 14 – dream about pulling teeth

October 21 – message that I have a “time keeper” and healing dreams

October 30 – November 2 – lightening bolt kundalini activity for a week

November 20 – healing experience with guides (Bulletholes post)

November 26 – dream of being at a university to attend school

December 1 – dream of taking a test

December 2 – preparation message giving date of 12/12/14

December 3 – 7th and 8th chakra kundalini activation

December 7 – test preparation dream

December 12 – major kundalini event

December 19 – message that chakras are being aligned

January 15 – dream about graduating

January 18 – guide message that chakras are being reset

February 1 – guide message of being attuned

February 9 – trapped energy symptom of kundalini

February 15 – OBE of teaching

February 23 – major kundalini event

February 25 – tooth alignment dream

February 26 – test dream where I was told not to take the test yet

February 28 – dream of failing a test and going to university


The pattern I am seeing is pretty obvious.

Stage 1: There is a dream or a message from my guides indicating that something is about to occur. The most common for me are dreams involving tests and teeth.

Stage 2. Kundalini events come within days or weeks of the dreams. There are often small, specifically targeted kundalini events prior to a big kundalini event.

Stage 3: Period of transition that involves “attunement” and “alignment” following major kundalini event. Symptoms occur based upon chakras affected. Mini kundalini events are establishing new pathways in the body.

It is also very obvious that kundalni is rising from my root to crown at this time although there was a jump from the root chakra to the 7th and 8th chakras immediately prior to the first major kundalini event on December 12th. Why this occurred, I am not sure but I suspect it was to open up communication channels between myself and my team of guides in addition to getting my attention.

The most recent kundalin event centered around my heart chakra. This means that the next one will be in the fifth chakra and from the symptoms and dreams I have been having this transition may already be occurring.


I have had two dreams recently about tests suggesting another major kundalini event is soon to come. I did not post about these test dreams but will soon be adding them in order to document them. Since the dream I most recently had was of me failing a test it could be that the next event will not occur until that test is “passed”. This recent dream also contained symbols about communication suggesting the fifth chakra is next on the list.

I am impressed at how quickly the kundalini is progressing. In a matter of six months I have gone through four chakras.


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