Tooth Alignment

I slept deeply again last night. I am hoping this pattern continues as I am needing this break from OBEs, kundalini, and guide communication. It can get to be a little too much (never thought I would say that!).

My dreams are few and far between. Last night I had two I recall.

School Video

In this dream I returned to the old, 1920s era gym that was at my middle school growing up. There was a crowd there who were my classmates grown up. I was watching a video a classmate was showing the group. In it I saw myself from around 5th grade and it was clear as day. I remarked, “Mine (video) is blurry”.

The group was then playing volleyball together in the gym but I stayed on the sidelines saying, “I am not good at team sports”. The ball went into the gym once and I would not go in. I said, “You know it is haunted?”

As I was leaving a woman was freaking out in the parking lot. I saw her run away from a woman with short, gray-blonde hair who looked shocked. I instinctively knew the older woman had told the other woman something disturbing. I told the older woman, “You can’t just go up and tell people what you know/hear from Spirit. Some people can’t handle it.”

Tooth Alignment

This dream was strange in that I was at a dentist’s office but was not getting a procedure. Instead my teeth and mouth were being inspected by two dentists. One I never saw but knew was the primary one and the other was dark haired and the secondary dentist or partner. They were talking to me about aligning my teeth and I told them I didn’t want it done. I was pleasant about it and not concerned and neither were they. They inspected my teeth and told me about the procedure and how it was painless. I recall seeing in my mind the teeth being gently moved, like braces would do.

The dark haired doctor brought in a woman and her mother. I said, “Oh so since I am so easy you are going to work on someone else while I’m here?” I got the feeling they did not want to waste time but now I think they wanted me to see the procedure done on a willing patient.

The woman was my age and looked like she was from India – honey brown hair and skin almost the exact color of her hair. Her face was flawless and I remember looking really closely at her and hearing how she had the procedure done often. She was relaxed and her eyes closed, though she did take a peek at me.

When I was ready to leave the second dentist was asking me about my next appointment. He said he would be my doctor and said it would be $80. I said, “Well do you take insurance?” He indicated he did not and I said, “Well then I probably won’t come”. He appeared disappointed.


I awoke one time to my entire body shaking/vibrating but did not think much of it. I suspect I was OOB with my guides during these dreams, so that makes sense. The first dream is likely me discussing my past. Since the gym is haunted it could be there are some issues still related to school to work through.

The second dream is more interesting to me. I believe I was discussing whatever my next step is with my guides. Some kind of “alignment”. I am being stubborn about it and refusing and they are trying to convince me to do it. I am introduced to a different “doctor” as well. I was not distressed about it and my overall feeling is I just need a break right now so am waiting.


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