Kundalini Resistance

I couldn’t sleep last night. My baby has been sick and my husband left town on a business trip. I asked for help from my guides and fell asleep around midnight.

Penthouse Suite

I became semi-lucid in a dream. I was being escorted into a nice hotel room. Inside, the room was very bright white. I felt out of place, though, and nervous. As I was settling in, someone brought by dinner, which I wasn’t expecting. I went to check it out and began taking it out of the containers and putting into smaller ones for my daughter. What is odd is that the food wasn’t food, it was water.

I was interrupted by a knock at the door. I answered it and a woman with blonde hair wearing business attire and high heels came in. She was clearly a hotel representative. She told me she came to check on how I was doing. She saw the mess I had made with the sorting as she took me to one side of the room. It was then that I noticed the entire side of the room was floor to ceiling windows that overlooked a city. The woman put her hand on my shoulder and remarked about the view. I stared out at the city lights in awe.

The woman mentioned the food mess and said, “You should have your assistants take care of that”. I was insulted and said, “What? You think I can afford to pay assistants?” The woman smiled and looked at me. The feeling of our discussion was that I was promoted to the next level and needed to focus on my “work” and let my assistants handle the small stuff.

The woman left and I went back to my daughter and the food (water) sorting. At some point I was hit with an odd sensation that in the dream felt like I had been mildly electrocuted. It alarmed me and I assumed it came from the cell phones and instructed my daughter to turn hers off. I also turned off mine.

A man came into the room at this time. He was tall with dark hair wearing a professional looking suit. He picked up the black phone and turned it on. I freaked out and told him, “Don’t do that”. I was in a panic and overcome with an intense fear.

colors dropplet ripples waterKundalini Resistance

I awoke completely immobilized by intense bolts of energy shooting through my body at multiple locations. The energy was not painful but it was not pleasant and I could not shake the sheer panic I was feeling. I knew what was happening – kundalini – but I was not happy about it and completely resistant for some reason.

The energy was coming in from above and to my right, shooting down my body at an angle and exiting my left side. I felt it in multiple places at once – my shoulders, head, mid-section, hips. The sensation was similar to the pain felt when an exposed nerve is lightly touched. It made me grit my teeth and hold my breath.

With these jolts of energy was the strange new vibration I felt the night before. There were also hypnagogic images flashing intensely in my mind. With each flash there was a new image. They were in black and white and pink but I cannot remember what they were now. At the time I just wanted it all to stop.

When the strange energy subsided I asked what had happened and heard, “You resisted. You changed”. The hypnagogic images continued and I sent a thought, “Go away”. I was then shown a vision of me standing at a door. Right above the door knob was a sparkling, golden line of light that spread across the entire room and through me at my heart center. It appeared like golden glitter suspended in the air. Below and above the light was clear air. I didn’t know what to make of the vision. I wondered why the energy was somewhat painful this time. I heard, “Even the calmest of water will sometimes ripple” and saw an image of a placid lake become choppy with small waves. I fell asleep not long after.

Lesson? Resistance is futile.


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