This is It

Since Monday I have been sensing a distinct change in the energy of Earth. As  a result my own energy has been affected.

Yesterday the energy seemed to “peak”. I felt this peak the most pronounced at around 4pm. I had the urge to go outside for a walk and took my children to the playground. While there, I walked around and around the playground, feeling my feet sink in the deep gravel. Today they felt even more comforting to me. It was like I was seeking a union with the Earth.

The sky was the most intense blue and clear of clouds. The temperature was in the mid 60’s and a little brisk but I enjoyed feeling it on my bare arms. I sat and stared at one of the large trees next to the playground. I became interested in getting up close and personal with it. So I went up and hugged one of its bare branches and looked up through its many leafless boughs into the blue sky. The contrast of color was distinct and breathtaking. I wanted to take a picture but I knew it wouldn’t do it justice.

Oddly, I felt inclined to smell it. I took a deep breath but hardly smelled anything. I tried again and was able to get a whiff of the faintest woody smell. I smiled and hugged the tree some more. It felt so solid and strong and I had a flash of childhood, climbing up high in the branches of a similar tree.

I spent another ten minutes or so just inspecting the tree’s bark. It had green lichen growing on it which for some reason fascinated me. There were also colors in the bark I had not noticed before: dark gray, white, light gray, and browns of varying shades. I lightly let my fingers flow over the bark, feeling each of the crevices and grooves. What a miracle!

Finally, I just stood holding onto the tree and feeling my feet on the green grass. I swear I could feel the energy of everything at that moment – the tree, the sky, the grass, the dirt, the pebbles – everything! I remember thinking, “This is just like astral. It is the same. There is no difference. It is all real”.

And I realized what I have been missing right here in this reality. This. This IS IT. And when I go to other realities it is the same. I miss so much detail. So much life. It is all around me and I walk right by without thinking to look; to see.

It is true: We can see our reflection in everything. One is the other.


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