The Daisy Room

I had that odd kind of sleep where in the midst of a dream I would suddenly wonder, “Do I have to work today? What day is it?” I would then slowly wake up out of my slumber trying to figure out what day it was and if I needed to get up early. Then I would fall back to sleep only to once again wake up within a dream from these thoughts.

I finally got up to check the time and found it was 5am. Being it was my third time to wake, I decided to try to sleep.

Snowmobile Ride

I found myself in a semi-lucid dream in which I kept trying to take over the dream. I was with my ex-husband and he was getting out a snowmobile to take me and my children in. I got in but was not excited. I held on and closed my eyes preparing for the crazy ride.

I felt myself being tossed about as we rode and then felt the snowmobile spinning really fast. I decided to open my eyes and was able to keep my baby from being tossed from the snowmobile.

At some point I became fully lucid and felt a large man in front of me. I thought it was my ex but when I opened my astral eyes to look his face was all golden light, morphing and moving. His energy was huge and surrounded me. I was not afraid, though.

I felt my root chakra activating and expanding and focused upon the feeling, willing it to move upward.

The Daisy Room

As I was trying to get the feeling to expand, I suddenly found myself standing in a store. It looked like one of those tourist shops one would find in an airport. A blonde woman was standing in front of me and chattering away. She had a golden hue about her, a huge smile on her face and was very beautiful. She was looking right at me and I was very, very aware of my surroundings and what was going on. This awareness caught me off guard and I stopped thinking about expanding the pleasant energy.

I heard her telling me that I was going to go to a place. I didn’t quite hear her well enough so I asked her, “What? Where am I going?” She replied, “You are going to the Daisy Room”. I wondered what she was talking about. What Daisy Room? What is the Daisy Room?

The woman then appeared to be talking to someone on a cell phone but I saw no phone in her hand. She said to them, “There was a scheduling error. Monday and Tuesday were wrong. She needs to…..”

I became overly aware at this time of the energy in my root expanding more and came out of the scene to full awareness in my body.


When I awoke I immediately thought of the picture that was drawn of one of my female guides. A friend of mine had an artist do a rendering of this guide. The picture was entitled, “Celestia”, which I guess was the name given to the artist by my guide. When I saw the picture it was familiar to me and I thought of all the times I had seen a blonde woman with blonde hair cut in layers like from the 80s. She always reminded me of Jane Fonda. The woman I had just seen reminded me of her as well. Was this the same guide?

This is what was written with the drawing of my guide:

Celestia – angel of sunrise – indicates the vastness of my spiritual gifts

Brilliant energy patterns (like aurora borealis) on wings, gown – ever-changing.

Brings great strength and depth of spiritual gifts. Softness. Gentle soul.

9 crystals at throat are representative of dimensions from which info comes through (throat chakra needs empowered).

Figures around head represent souls crossed over who speak with messages of love and forgiveness.

Red “fire flames” are ascended master souls (who speak through Dayna).

Aura is fiery vibrant orange and gives power and passion.

Message Celestia brings:

To move forward face the energy. Let it swirl around you and caress you. The power of spirit is there, the power of love is there, the power of connection is there.

There is a great need to de-stress, as if standing on a mountain top and allowing wind to blow stress away.

Celestia wishes to encourage Dayna to embrace who she really is and “go higher”.

Expect children to have similar gifts!

I find it interesting the in this morning’s experience with the blonde woman that she told me I would be going to the Daisy Room. Daisy’s are symbolic of purity and innocence. It is a flower that opens up its petals in the early morning light and then closes them when the sun sets. It is the flower of Spring time and new beginnings. It’s petals also represent the rays of the sun. So, I don’t think it a coincidence that Celestia is called the “angel of sunrise” in the message attached to the drawing.


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