Initially upon waking this morning at 6am yet again, I was in a horrible mood. I felt a wall of impenetrable darkness descending upon me and I was caught up in it. I don’t know exactly what caused it because I do not recall my dreams now. This is likely because, whilst in the midst of the dark feelings, I swore to forget my dreams upon waking, to not write about them and ignore any messages they might bring. I recalled them at the time of this declaration. I do not remember a bit of them now.

I tossed and turned for some time, the feeling of gloom heavy upon me. I must have fallen back to sleep, though, because I soon became lucid while in a dream.


I found myself in my car waiting in a long line at a gas pump. I was out of the car pacing about and talking to some of the people in front of me. I could see a building ahead of me. It appeared to be the service station but it looked more like the front porch of a country house. It had wood porch beams with red, cracked paint, and wood steps leading up to the porch. People were walking back and forth gathering donations while also taking payment for the gas.

I filled my car and heard a voice say, “I’m George. I will be helping you today. That will be $101.00”. In my mind I saw an image of the bill and the amount was odd. It said, “$.001.00”. I was shocked and said, “I didn’t even fill up my tank”. He said, “It is a service charge. Your car is due for service”. I said, “I don’t want service now”. He said, “Ok. I will adjust your bill”. Then in my mind I saw, “$15”. That was more like it!

Being I did not fill my car up completely, I filled it up again. This time I heard the voice of George again and he said, “That will be $100”. I was confused and then he said, “Oh, I will take the service off”.

I pulled up to the porch where the donations were being sorted and rolled down the window of my Prius. A woman asked me, “Who helped you”. I said, “George. I think”. She stopped a young man who was busy and he stopped. He had a piece of paper or something over one side of his face. I found this weird.

I got out of the car for some reason at this point. I saw a man standing near the edge of the porch. I studied his face. He looked to be caught up in his thoughts. He also seemed sad. I felt sorry for him and wanted to comfort him but since I did not know him, I decided not to. He looked like the Marlboro man and I believe he was even smoking a cigarette. Note: When I first met my guide Steven he appeared to look similar to the Marlboro man – hat and boots and all!

Somehow, the man and I began talking and I saw him as a guy I use to go to school with. I was suddenly aware that I was back in my hometown. He told me that there was some kind of celebration going on and invited me to stay. I thought against it and then heard my name called from across the parking lot. There were girls I had gone to school with. I had not seen them in ages!

They were in a pickup and drove by, asking me to come to the event. I decided to go. “Why not?” I said to the guy. And we walked down the street towards the celebrations. I recall asking what the event was and they said this young boy was going to demonstrate his amazing gift. I don’t know what the gift was but they made it sound supernatural.

Being lucid as I was in this dream, I was still somewhat foggy until this point. I took over the dream at this point and decided to go home to my house. I was instantly transported to a room. I left the room and walked into the master bedroom. My first thought was, “No one is going to be there”. And sure enough, no one was. The walls and ceilings of the room were gray and the room was dark. I saw the bed to my left and on the wall in front of me was a bulletin board. On the board was a large piece of white paper with bright red writing on it. I did not try to read it but the numbers 222 jumped out at me. The red ink had drip marks and almost seemed like blood.

I remember thinking, “None of this matters” and feeling very hopeless about the pointless experience I was having. With this thought I awoke.


This number indicates that I am being asked to have faith that everything is happening for a reason. I may not be able to see it now, but there is always a purpose behind everything in life. My guides are asking me to not lose faith and to try not to get caught up in negativity and hopelessness.

Easier said than done.


I avoided writing anything upon waking this morning because I was so disillusioned by all that has (or hasn’t) been happening to me lately. I actually was ready to write a post that said I was no longer going to focus upon dreams and ascension-related issues or kundalini. I really felt done with it all when I woke up.

What I have since realized is that what I am feeling is very normal considering what I am being told. I am not a patient person, haven’t ever really been patient. I like to keep busy and I like to feel needed and challenged. Yet I am being told now that it is not time yet. I am being held back for a reason; a reason that I do not know or fully remember. I recognized also that my passion, my life’s work, is what is on hold. On hold for quite a while, too. How would you feel if you knew your purpose, or at least had an idea or a feeling of what it was, and was told, “Sorry. Not yet. You have to wait”. How patient would you be? Could you wait a year? 5? 10? 20?

These exact same conditions occurred for me after my first awakening in 2003. I did not listen to the warnings I got back then (so new and over zealous). I embarked on a journey that I was destined to fail because I was not ready yet. The timing was wrong. I was forewarned, told it would be four years. I didn’t want to wait. I remember my guide saying to me when I made the decision, “You will regret doing this”. He was right, too. But at the time I thought it was the right move.

Now it seems I am fulfilling other promises I made. I know who they are to. My husband. My children. Maybe to others as well.

The waiting is hard, but I have done it before. It is odd to me how I know when it is “time”. I get told. I hear a voice tell me when. Yep. Ha! Call me crazy but that is how it happens.

It has happened three times now. The first was when I left my ex. I heard, “Get out now!” (I will never forget that). The second was when I met my current husband. I heard, “This is it” when we first came face to face. I had been told the night before, “You will meet someone” but I shrugged it off. “Yeah. So I will meet someone. I will meet a lot of people”, I replied. Imagine my surprise to hear “This is it” as I am looking into my current husband’s eyes thinking, “He is my angel”. The final time was last year when I heard, “Leave” and knew it meant it was the right time to sell my house, a house I tried to sell two times before without success. Then there is a bidding war and we made $30k more than our asking price! This and other perfectly timed things happened.

After three times, I do not doubt there will be a fourth. And I do not doubt that timing is everything. I had to wait years for each of these moments. I struggled with the same feelings I have now. It is HARD knowing you are waiting for the next step and can’t take it until everything is just right. Its even harder when you know that if you try to move forward too soon that you will face much more misery than if you just waited. I only needed to learn that once. Not again.

So I will suck it up and wait. God help me. This will be hard. I know just under four years before the next step. My guide says, “That is not a long time”. Yeah, well, you come down here and live it. Then maybe you will think differently!


5 thoughts on “222

  1. missjennym says:

    today this is all I am seeing 222!~!!!! then 333

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  2. missjennym says:

    oh and I am currently learning/trying *impatiently* to find my spirit guide..

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  3. daynaspirit says:

    Have you tried my spirit guide meditation? Here it is: https://livinglifeinbetween.wordpress.com/meditations/ I suggest doing it nightly, until you know it by heart and you do not even hear the words anymore.


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