Learning to Fly

I don’t know why yesterday was such a difficult day for me. Perhaps it was astrological or maybe my Ego just decided to come out and fight after being subdued. Whatever the case, I feel much more balanced and positive today.

Practicing Exits

I awoke suddenly in the midst of a dream “activity’ sometime in the middle of the night (not sure what time). I say “activity” because it appeared to be an exercise of some sort, like a practice or drill. I was with one of my guides in the midst of exiting and then re-entering my body. I had been doing this over and over again prior to my waking up within the experience.

I became suddenly acutely aware that I was practicing exiting my body. I do not recall the communication going on between myself and my guide in exact words but with more of a knowingness that this was a practice and my guide was instructing me through it. I was being taught how to astral project.

When I became fully conscious I was still OOB and hovering directly over my body. I did not see my physical body. Instead I saw my guide about five or so feet from me. I wish I could recall how he appeared but all I remember now was that he glowed. The color was yellow or gold at the center that became paler and paler until it turned white around the edge of the aura. I also recall that I was quite small in size and appeared much younger than I am now. Perhaps I saw myself and thus I knew what I looked like? But I do not remember looking at my physical body. The memory of this “me” was quite different than how I appear now. She had long, wavy, medium brown hair. Her age must have been 8 or so by the way she looked.

Seeing both my guide and this unfamiliar “me” confused me and I instantly fell back into my body. As soon as I was in my body I was immersed in intense hypnagogic imagery. My entire vision moved with black and white bubbles that morphed and moved from one circular shape to another. It was like my entire face was encased in moving bubble wrap! I noticed the black and white coloration and thought it should change and then the color red began to slowly come into the images in small amounts.

Ultimately, I tried to ignore the images because I knew they would only distract me and I wanted to try to exit my body. When I turned my focus away from them I felt energy pulsing up and down my body. It was not very intense but strong enough for me to notice. It moved down and up and down again, continuing the cycle. Sometimes it was more intense in a certain area of my body but it never lingered in one place. I wondered, “Is this what vibrations feel like when one is not distracted by them? or is this Kundalini?”

I wanted to stay in the feeling, but I had an intense need to use the bathroom so I moved to get out of bed and broke the feeling and imagery.

Pregnant with Twins

I fell asleep quickly after that and went into a dream in which I was talking with my sister who was very pregnant. I was concerned about her and was giving her all kinds of advice about how to take it easy on herself and not overdo it. I then had a vision of two twin babies who had just been born. They were swaddled tightly and laying in a small bassinet. Their doctor was with them and showing them to me. He showed me the baby girl first but she was swaddled in blue. The vision was very clear and I remember telling my sister at this time, “I always wanted twins but I am glad I didn’t get them as they are a lot of work”.


Then I was walking into a library with my mom and brother. She told me she was going to buy us tickets and we could go to the shop. I was browsing it to find a thank-you present for my mom. I remember the library was very large and appeared to be like a gym. The people coming in and out were wearing workout clothing. The scene did not make sense to me and I wondered about as I looked at a pink balloon that said, “Thank you” along with another message of gratitude on it.

Sky Diving Lessons

I went into the library and it turned into this large park dotted with tall trees and green hillsides. People were all over the place, some at picnic tables and others laying on spread out blankets. I stopped at a large airplane that was parked in the park. It’s door was wide open. A woman was practicing skydiving and had on all the gear. She was jumping out of the parked plane to the ground below, the parachute falling down to the ground behind her as she landed. She was nervous but was trying to learn and her instructor was very patient. I watched as he gathered up the parachute and helped her get back on the plane to try again.


I awoke with a bad headache in my left temple, wondering about my odd dreams and recalling the OBE I had it the beginning of my night’s sleep. I tried to remember everything and wondered about it. Why had I been allowed to remember being OOB? Was that girl me? Or had I traveled to another time? Or maybe she was me and I was taking on a different visage?

I managed to drift into the in-between state and when I did I heard my guide say, “Wait until you see what we’ve learned”. When he said this a huge, black snake slithered through my line of sight and disappeared. When I saw the snake I woke up entirely and said to my guide, “Was that a snake??” I got no reply but I know what I saw. My first thought was kundalini.

My mind went back to my dreams, specifically the one about the twins. I have been having twins in my dreams for some time. Twins can represent being in harmony or conflict with ideas and/or decisions. I was talking to my very pregnant sister. Being pregnant or seeing someone who is pregnant represents a new idea or a part of one’s self that is coming or about to be “born”. I felt very distinctly that my sister represented me in this dream. I was giving myself advice. The more I thought about it, the more I recognized that I was returning to a place I had been in this life before. I was reminding myself to be careful since last time I struggled so much.


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