Unexpected Allergic Reaction

I am beyond freaked out about what happened to me today. While visiting my mother I decided to eat an afternoon snack with her and my children. She was making peanut butter and honey sandwiches but I was browsing through her cabinet and decided to eat some golden raisins because I was extremely hungry and didn’t want to wait. I ate a small handful and then sat down to eat some peanut butter and honey sandwiches. While I was eating my left ear began to burn. I get this reaction when I take niacin so I ignored it and kept eating. However, my entire face began to feel hot as well and it spread to my left ear. Eventually, I became so uncomfortable that I went to the mirror to see what was going on. My face was beet red and covered in tiny bumps. Across my cheeks the dots were red while my face remained a normal color but my forehead was completely red! I didn’t feel right, either, and this really worried me. Upon further inspection my chest and arms were also covered in tiny red bumps. Ahh!

I put some Cortisone on my face and then took some Benadryl to try and get the reaction to stop and my mind buzzed with questions. What did I eat that caused this? The raisins? The peanut butter? The honey? Bread?

I began to feel really weird around this time and I asked my husband to get the kids together so we could leave. The entire drive home I felt off and worried but my face began to calm down halfway home and by the time I got home the redness and rash were gone.

Completely Weird

I don’ t have allergies. The only other time I’ve had a reaction similar to this was as a child when I had a reaction to high chlorine levels in the pool. That time it was horribly itchy and all over my body. This did not itch and seemed only to be associated with my upper body. My ears burned and my face and neck felt hot. The odd feeling is not easy to describe. The closest thing I can compare it to is feeling slightly ill, like right before coming down with the flu. I once had a similar sick feeling after eating a huge number of cashews (like four handfuls or something – way too much) but there were no other symptoms.

I am still not sure what caused it. I am thinking the raisins. I eat raisins all the time, though, even white raisins. My mom said it might be the sulfates in them, and she could be right, but that would be a first for me, too. I just don’t know and I guess perhaps it is one of those things my guide was warning me about. I am worried about eating peanut butter now, too and I LOVE peanut butter.

Ascension and Body Changes

I have read online that many experience strange changes in appetite, food preference, allergies and sensitivities when they are going through the ascension process. When my guide asked me to pay attention to my body because it was going to show me where the changes were taking place, I was told to expect something to happen with my face. I assumed the warning was for more dry, irritated skin, not an allergic reaction!

I looked up what chakras skin rashes and allergies are associated to. The skin is controlled by the crown chakra and allergies are associated with the third chakra (digestion) and/or the fourth chakra (immunity). I found this information here.

In my research on golden raisins (I’m almost 100% sure it was the raisins that caused the reaction), I discovered that dried fruits such as raisins often have mold on them which can cause allergic reactions. The non-organic ones contain sulfates which are also a common allergen. Since I usually buy organic raisins for my kids and had some recently without any reaction, I suspect the perpetrator here is the sulfates. Again, I hope its not the peanut butter because I would seriously cry if I couldn’t have peanut butter.

I really hope I don’t run into anymore allergies. The sudden rash and weird feeling are very scary.


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