Quick Update

Yesterday was the 21st. In case you don’t recall, I had a very vivid and emotional dream on the 3rd of January that my mother died of a sudden heart attack. I was given the 21st as the date and assumed it was of this month. I told my mom because I knew she wouldn’t overreact and then called her yesterday to make sure all was well. She was fine. 🙂 She did, however, spend the beginning of the week with her lawyer editing her will and making sure that IF something were to happen, everything would be in order. So, if the reason for my dream was to get my mother to sort out all her things, then it worked!

I hate to think the 21st is of some other month. That day will be at the back of my mind until we reach July, which is the month I was told in the dream. I suspect that the dream was just to help my Mom take action but I can’t help but worry that it may mean otherwise. It was just too vivid and emotional of a dream to not notice.

Symptom Update

I don’t have much to report in the way of spiritual experiences and kundalini/ascension symptoms. It seems that the quiet period I have been in continues despite my asking for at least some kind of recreational OBE, lucid dream or other spiritual phenomenon.

Current symptoms that I have or have noticed periodically include:

  • Feeling very balanced and/or calm for long periods of time
  • Headache
  • Tiredness/deep sleep
  • Frequent waking during the night
  • Tingling in root chakra
  • Buzzing in root and third eye chakra
  • Painful electrical sensation in lower body/legs (one night only)
  • Lower back pain (mostly upon waking)
  • Numbness/tingling in hands that wakes me up
  • Connecting psychically/spiritually to people without intention
  • Temperature fluctuations during sleep

Sleep Patterns

The most pronounced change I have experience has been in my sleep patterns. I seem to have good energy during the day but as soon as I get into bed my eyes get heavy and I yawn as if exhausted. I have been meditating before bed and every time I do I fall asleep very quickly – as soon as I start to meditate! Then I wake up suddenly three to five times during the night. I usually feel overly hot or cold when I wake and then I have to use the restroom. I always think I won’t be able to return to sleep because I wake up very rested and alert, but then I always fall instantly back to sleep.


My dreams are also very vivid and frequent. Some I remember, some I do not, but when they are occurring I am very engrossed in them and feel their impact upon waking. I had one recently where I was buying a new house with my husband and we found a forgotten part of it in the back that wash huge and in disarray. I was very into this dream and had much excitement about the prospect of renovating the new found space. It was odd because one room was full of small refrigerators and I was going to get rid of them! Then last night I dreamed our refrigerator was damaged. So interesting that I keep dreaming of fridges. The symbolism is not lost to me either since refrigerators represent one’s tendency to be emotionally cold or distant. In both dreams there was something wrong with the refrigerators which causes me to suspect I am working on eliminating the cold aspects of my personality.

Spiritual Guides

There has also been a shift change when it comes to my guides. I say shift change because it feels like they work with me in shifts similar to what nurses do in hospitals. The most recent guide I have met calls himself “George” and showed me a visual of himself that was quite detailed. He had very orange-red hair and medium colored skin with freckles, not the pale skin one would expect of a red head. What was strange, though, was that his eyes were so pale blue they almost appeared to be glowing white. He told me he was helping me as a healing guide and was the one who told me about my chakras all being reset. His voice is very quiet compared to the other guides I have had speak to me, almost airy sounding. He also told me his time with me would be very brief. For all I know he is already gone and a new guide will soon introduce him/herself.

I find it curious just how many guides have been around me since December. I am use to my typical team of 4 but I have run into quite a few more than that in my dreams, astral travels and visions. I do not recall ever having so many previously unknown (to me consciously at least) guides and I wonder if this happens with everyone whose energy is transitioning.

Future Plans

I have been told that the chakra reset that I just went through will result in some changes. I was not told specifically what they would be except to expect more kundalini energy fluctuations. I suspect the painful electrical sensation in my legs was the first of this type of energy. The energy modifications appear to be moving from my feet up, but it is hard to tell because right now I sleep very deeply through most of it. Perhaps I should thank my guides for this deep sleep if it is keeping me from feeling pain. I really prefer to sleep through the painful parts!

I do not know for sure how long this lull is going to last, but I prefer the deep sleep to having insomnia. The one night I had trouble sleeping reminded me of the two years of insomnia I suffered through and I hate to think I will ever have to experience that again. I was told that the end of this month would be the beginning of more kundalini energy changes, so I am awaiting them a bit apprehensively. Since it is so hard to know what is going to happen next – there seems to be no set patterns or sequence to kundalini – I will just pray that the experiences are positive. I would love me some more popcorn clouds and hynagogic imagery!


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