I couldn’t sleep last night. After all the nights of deep, restful sleep, last night it was near impossible for me to sleep well. I didn’t fall asleep until around midnight and then when I would sleep I was haunted by uncomfortable dreams all of which included my mom, sister and her husband.

Monkey Attack

The first dream I had was the most unsettling. In the dream I was at my mother’s house visiting and my sister and her husband were there. My cousin (sister’s husband) was throwing one of his tantrums. He likes to pout and gets this really negative energy that hangs around him like a shroud. No amount of communication can get through to him. My mom and sister were both trying to get through to him and he had resorted to yelling. I got involved a little but I actually taunted him more than I helped the situation. I do remember his main complaint was with his in-laws (my mom and her new husband) and I had responded to this by saying I had a great relationship with my ex-in-laws. He didn’t like hearing this.

Both my sister and cousin went into separate rooms. My cousin went to bed in one room and my sister got on the computer in the other. I was going to go in her room to get my things when I realized I did not have my contact lens case or my stuff to stay overnight. I spoke to my mom’s husband about it, saying I did not want to drive all the way home to get those things and would prefer to stay the night.

He joined my mom in bed while I got ready to sleep on the sofa. It was then that I heard a pounding, putter-putter, sound coming from the window. When I looked up I saw a large black and white tomcat trying to get in through the window. I yelled to my mom about it but she stayed in bed. I then saw it go to her bedroom window and try to get in as well.

The cat returned to the kitchen window where I first saw it and had in its paws a small nail file which it was using to try and cut through the screen. I yelled to my mom, “Mom the cat is trying to get in still!”. No reply from her.

The cat was able to get in somehow and so I went to get it to put it back outside. When I did it turned into a large, black monkey with a squished-in face and beady eyes. It lurched at me and grabbed onto my right hand biting down hard. I could feel the pain in the center of my hand and yelled to my sister to get a banana to try and lure it away. The monkey looked at me fiercely, intent on attack and I knew it would go after me if I tried anything. I stared at it, fear hitting me as I realized the pain was not going away and neither was the monkey. The skin on my legs began to raise up in gooseflesh and it felt like a thousands needles pushing into my skin. It hurt pretty bad and I could still feel the monkey’s teeth in my right hand.


I awoke and the pain was real. My hand was not hurting as bad as my entire lower body which was covered in painful goosebumps. I have never felt such a sensation! It literally felt like each hair that was standing on end was a needle poking into my skin. I rubbed my hand, hoping movement would stop the pain but it did not. My hand gradually began to feel better but the skin sensation would not stop. I thought to my guide, “Is this what you mean by discomfort???” I got no reply.

Eventually the prickly pain subsided and I tossed and turned for a while. I began to doze off but kept wondering about the dream and the weird pain that came with it. My guide was near and I felt him wrap me in his energy and when he did my legs got the same prickling pain in them as they did in and after the dream except this time the pain was from my shins down through my feet. As it intensified the pain began to slowly move down my legs and out of my feet until it was gone.

Afterward I kept getting really, really hot to where I had to throw the covers off of me. Then, after a while, I would get cold and have to snuggle up. This kept me from falling asleep.

catMore Dreams

I somehow fell back to sleep only to continue dreaming about my family. In every dream my sister and her husband were having a disagreement. He was sulking or verbally lashing out and she was quiet and distant. My mom was always nearby either listening in or keeping her distance while staying nearby for support.

The most memorable dream of this sort was of us traveling together in a white Prius. I was driving and we stopped somewhere for a while. I went inside and they stayed in the car. I was late returning and they were all grumpy. My mother, who usually is set against what my cousin wants because of his behavior, was actually supporting my cousin. This upset me and I decided to leave them behind in the car. Ultimately, though, they just all pretended to sleep and I drove everyone home.

The symbolism in my dreams along with the subjects involved causes me to believe that there is an issue that is on-going that may be coming to a head soon. My mother and I spoke about the possibility of such an issue during my last visit so I would not be surprised if something is going on that I will soon hear about.

The monkey attack is curious as is the pain transference from dream to reality. I have never had pain come back with me from a dream. As for the monkey, according to, to dream you are attacked by a monkey indicates a conflict between one’s playful and serious sides or that one is unable to keep their animalistic desires under control.

Cats have been common in my dreams for some time. I am still not 100% sure what the cat represents as it has so many meanings within a dream. Since I do not like cats much I assume it means I am avoiding my feminine side in some way but it could also mean misfortune. The black and white could be symbolic of yin and yang and this pattern is often associated with the cats I see in my dreams. It is interesting that the cat turns into the monkey as well. Perhaps my denial of my feminine side is going to get out of control?


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