The energy was different last night. It felt like it was building up from the day before as I had been anxious most of the day for not reason. It did not feel as if I would have anything interesting occur in the night but when I thought about what it might mean I heard a song in my head: It is Well With My Soul. I began singing it aloud and started to cry because I was hit with such a feeling of love and support along with so many wonderful memories of growing up singing gospel songs with my family, especially memories of my grandparents.

I fell into such a deep sleep that when I was awakened sometime in the night I could not remember my dream, though I knew it had been an important one by the way I felt. I tried and tried to remember it, but it seemed I was too tired because the more I tried to remember, the more tired I became.


I soon found myself in a very intense dream. It was intense because I felt the energy in it moving me along. The energy was especially intense in my mid-section.

I entered a school in the dream and went into a classroom where I was met by a man who I did not recognized. He was tall and thin with a short cut beard and mustache and was wearing old fashioned clothing like from the 1800s. I don’t remember what we spoke about but I do recall he was trying to get me to kiss him. I was concerned someone would see us and pointed out the camera in the room. Eventually, though, I gave in and allowed him to kiss me. I felt nothing from the kiss and left the room soon after.

I realized not long afterwards that I was working at a school either as a teacher or a teacher of teachers (most likely the latter). I mingled with some of the teachers and then opened up my laptop to retrieve my presentation. When I logged in the computer seemed not to be mine and was filled with pornography video titles and films. I tried to get the computer to turn off but it wouldn’t and I finally had to unplug it. I was extremely embarrassed that my coworkers saw this and explained that the images were not mine.

I then opened up my phone to try and access the document I had not been able to access on my computer and found my phone had also been taken over. My list of contacts was gone and the screen was black except for a list of videos with sexual names that took the place of my contacts. I recall one video began to play and it had a name like Hot Penis’ and Juicy Cunts. I was horrified!

By this time the teachers had moved to the other side of the room and I began to calm down a bit. The images flashing on my phone would not stop and eventually I became curious about them. I watched an image of two men who were obviously about to get sexual and then shut my eyes. I then opened them from curiosity but willed myself to focus on trying to contact support.

I managed to contact someone via chat and he gave me a list of computer virus’. I knew I had the first virus on the list and asked him what I could do about it. He told me, “Nothing. It is a lost cause. All you can do is wipe the hard drive”. I was in denial so decided to try to reset my phone hoping it would at least give me access there.

merry-go-roundShort OBE

I was awakened suddenly by the screams of my baby. I got up and tended to him. It was 5:30am and he wanted solid food so I gave him some rice cereal. He began to doze off while eating so I put him back to bed but my husband yelled at me and it got me upset. It went back to bed but it took me a while to sleep because I was irritated.

I soon found myself in a house. My vision was shifty and mostly in black and white. I was waiting for my children to be dropped off by the bus but somehow knew the buses were all out of commission for a while and so the kids would be coming via carnival rides. I watched as a merry-go-round came by my house. It was on tracks and appeared to be in a line with other rides and set up like a train.

My two older children got off the train and a nice man came in with my baby boy in his arms. He was similar to the man I had just seen in my previous dream and was smiling and cheerful. He said something to me about it being cold and that he was sorry about the open air transportation my children had to use. With that, he bundled up my baby real tight. Then, when he saw how tired and depressed I was he told me, “You know registration is open for the early childhood school?” I hung my head and said, “Yes but we don’t qualify for that”. He nodded his understanding. I continued, “We make too much money”. I was filled with upset about how the only way I could get decently priced childcare in this country was to be miserably poor. The man’s face showed that he completely understood my predicament.

He left me with my children and I sat at a table all by myself moping and staring out into the darkness of the room in front of me. I looked at the table and began to organize it. As I did, I noted how vivid the objects were and I said to myself, “I am dreaming”. It was then that I began to see the room more clearly, but it was still in grays and browns and very dim.

I got up and wondered where the man had gone to. I also remembered my previous dream and felt I should see if I could initiate astral sex with the man since it seemed obvious to me that I needed to. Within moments I changed my mind about that since the man was nowhere and no one was materializing. I also knew I was in the etheric as my energy was low and I felt weighed down. It didn’t help that my mood was very low as well.

I went toward the door intent on getting outside the house. I remember thinking as I opened the door, “It will be light”. But when I opened the door it was dark and I could tell it was an unfamiliar neighborhood. It appeared to be a very hilly subdivision composed of high end houses with very large, paved driveways. I could see ten or so of them in front of me. I hesitated, thinking to myself that it was no use to try and astral as I felt so beaten down and tired. My mood was definitely difficult for me to overcome and I struggled to make a decision.

I finally decided I would go out, not knowing what I would do out there. When I tried to step through I felt something heavy against my lower leg and foot. It felt like a pillow and I kicked at it, but it would not move. This challenge caused me to fight against the pillow, now intent to get out. It was as if my increase in motivation was against me because I instantly went back to my body.

Hypnagogic Images and Messages

When I came back into my body I felt heavy with sleep, so tired I could barely move and didn’t want to anyway. I knew I had been OOB but did not care, my mood remained low as if I had been beaten down. I was on my back and stayed there but felt stiff so had to move to compensate. Within moments of laying still I began to see shapes forming in front of my eyes, geometric patterns in black and white – no color. At first I wanted to watch them but then thought better of it and ignored them. The images continued in the background of my vision for some time, expanding and contracting but never in vivid color.

I stayed in the in-between state for some time. Often I would find myself near exit and would change my mind. “What is the point? I’m not going to be allowed to go anywhere anyway”, I thought to myself. One time I found myself doing yoga and caught myself in the midst of going OOB and stopped it. Another time I was kicking as if trying to jump out of my body. It appeared I was intent on going OOB but then I would wake in the midst of it with negative thoughts and stop it.

At one point the exit opportunities stopped and I began to receive messages. This came from a guide who I am not familiar with. His voice was different than the main guide I speak with. He said to me, “Listen to your body”. I was caught off guard by this and immediately woke up and changed positions. I wondered what he meant briefly but then didn’t care.

Then I was again caught off guard by this guide who put in my head the most vivid picture of smiling teeth. There was a very ugly man behind the teeth but it was very obvious to me that I was meant to focus upon the teeth. I again heard, “Listen to your body”.

More awake, I began to wonder what he was going on about and why he was bothering me. I then got a visual of a body and the chakras were lit up all along the body. One by one each of the chakras lights began to go out and turn dark. Then I heard, “We are closing them”. I knew he meant my chakras. I then heard again, “Listen to your body”.

By this point I could not go back to sleep as I was a bit worried about what I had been shown and told. Was I going to have trouble with my teeth? Or was that just a sign of me being stubborn? And then why would they be closing all my chakras?

I heard a quick reply to my last thought, “To reset you”.

Of course, that makes no sense to me either but okay, whatever. I will pay attention to my body. So far I just feel very tired. I wonder, though, if I will be feeling physical symptoms of some illness or if it is related to something spiritual? As usual it is likely I will just have to play this by ear.

Dream Considerations

I can’t seem to get my dream out of my mind, especially after the message to listen to my body.

To get a computer virus in a dream suggests that something in one’s life has gotten very out of control. Pornography watching in a dream suggests one has issues with intimacy, power, control and effectiveness. I had forgotten up until now my conversation with my guide involving this dream. After he told me to listen to my body the first time I immediately thought of the dream and said, “My body wants me to have sex?” To which he replied, “Yes”. This is absurd to me. My body doesn’t want anything. It is a body! So I said back to him, “Too bad. I don’t want it”.

I am wondering if this is more symbolic, related to my transformation and energy. I can’t help but think about how my guide told me in the dream that there was nothing I could do besides wipe the hard drive on my computer or reset my phone. Then he told me my chakras were all being closed. Am I being “wiped”? Why?


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