Bunnies and Dead Dogs

After my very vivid dream about the death of my mother, I was a bit shaken. I finally told her about it the next day. As I suspected, she did not freak out. Instead, she told me that she had recently had a sudden vision of herself passing out and being found by her husband dead on the kitchen floor. She also told me that she has been having dreams about death – her own and her husbands. She has also been worrying about updating her will.

She told me she believed that I was just picking up on her emotions; that the dream was not precognitive. This may be true, but I did not feel better after telling her about my dream. I told her that, too. We agreed that I would give her a call on the 21st and joked a bit to make ourselves feel better. I asked her before hanging up to please tell me if she felt anything out of the ordinary.

I have done all I can do now. I pray that my dream was just a worry dream like my mother said.

Bunnies and Dead Dogs

Last night I woke up at least four times throughout the night. Each time I awoke from odd dreams. Now, hours later, I can only remember one dream and of that dream, only a small portion.

In the dream I recall walking outside in the grass while talking with someone. It was beautifully green all around – the grass, the trees, everything. It reminded me of Spring.

When I got to a certain area outside, I noticed a dead, black and white Australian Shepard. He was black and white and brown and very beautiful. I kept walking, thinking it odd to see a dead dog, when I passed by another identical dog, also dead. I blinked, thinking I was seeing things, but the dog was there still. I turned around and where the other dead dog had been there were several small, black and white bunnies hopping about. I was confused for a moment, thinking that the bunnies were also dead. However, they continued to hop around happily.

Afterward, I was with my middle son and he was asking me to get something for him. I responded to his request but first had to wash my hands. I went to a nearby sink and began washing my hands. When I looked down they were covered with blood. I recall wondering how I got blood all over my hands. Had I killed the dogs?


I am not sure what this dream means but I can figure out the symbolism attached.

A dead dog symbolizes either the loss of a good friend or the deterioration of one’s own instincts. Dogs typically represent a strong, loyal aspect of one’s self so this would be the part of myself that has died.

The rabbits are interesting. Rabbits represent good luck, welcomed changes and also vulnerability. The colors of the rabbits I think are significant. Black symbolizes fear of intimacy and white symbolizes faithfulness and love. From the looks of the dream so far, it appears that I am focusing on developing more intimacy and love within my relationships.

The washing of bloody hands represents cleansing away of guilt.

A Feeling of Finality

Lastly, I continue to be haunted by a strong apathetic feeling. It feels so final and unavoidable. I seem not to care much about anything anymore except my family. In fact, I nearly quit my job because we could not find an affordable babysitter for 20 hours a week. We did find a solution but when I thought about quitting, I was okay with that option. When I wondered what I would do instead, I got a feeling to trust that something would come my way.

It just seems like everything is ending or becoming finalized in my life. Then what? I don’t know. I think that is what bothers me the most. I honestly don’t have any answer to the question my guide is always asking me: “What do you want?” Hell if I know.


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