This morning I was surprised to find myself in a lucid dream.

Tree House

In the dream I was roaming through the inside of a darkened home. I was upstairs and then traveled downstairs with ease. I knew I was flying and it was then that I first began to gain lucidity.

I then found myself remembering my entrance to the property. I saw in my mind a road that led to a home that look much like a work area for some business, not a home. There was lined up along the side of the house a storage area about five feet high by twenty feet long and inside was row upon row of steel gray, plastic garbage bins.

Around the side of this storage area was the entrance to the house. I remember talking to my companion saying, “I know there is a house here but where is it?” I then saw in my mind the layout and remembered. “Oh yeah, the master suit is upstairs and below that is a large living area connected the the kitchen”, I said to him. It was very clear in my mind and with the memory/thought I traveled instantly to the master bedroom. Throughout this for some reason I knew this tree house was what had become of my old house as the new owners had transformed it. Something about knowing where I was and why brought me fully lucid.

OBE #1

The minute I hit full lucidity the scene changed and I found myself in a room in the process of exiting my body. My exit was quick but my body felt somewhat cumbersome as I moved away. My vision was black and white and gray but that did not bother me. I was just happy to be out!

As I made my way to a nearby window, my body became lighter and easier to control. When I reached the window and looked out, my vision cleared and I could see the shiny appearance of the window and the white trim. I immediately wanted to go outside and made up my mind to do so. The minute I began to move through the window I heard, “No”. At that instant I returned to my body.

OBE #2

Without thinking, I exited my body and threw myself into the void that awaited me. I wanted to see but found I had no sight whatsoever. This did not bother me, though, and I decided to allow myself to just be in the blackness that surrounded me. I surrendered to the darkness and felt myself fall backward and it was as if the darkness came over me like a wave of water.

I then felt and sensed a hand and so eagerly reached out to it. Instead of grabbing back, though, the hand, which was attached to a very long arm, reached past my hand. It then shot through my center and through to the other side of me. This did not frighten me, though. I thought perhaps the arm would wrap me in a large bear hug and I welcomed it. Instead the arm pulled me back into my body.


When I awoke back in my body, I allowed myself to stay in the in-between state for some time and recognized I was in that place just past when hynagogic imagery occurs. I knew if I wanted that I could allow myself to enter the hypnagogic state, but I did not want to.

As I lay there, the back and top of my head were alive with energy. It felt as if the energy were pouring into me and I just lay there and allowed it to flow into me. I then felt my root chakra light up and it felt as if the energy that was pouring into my head was coming out of my root.

I heard my guide say, “Conduit”. In my mind I saw an image of the energy pouring into me from above and then pouring out through my root to be pulled back up into my crown. I questioned my guide asking, “What exactly are you doing to me?” And he responded, “Making adjustments” and then showed me where as he told me. I saw the center of my brain and heard, “Amygdala” and then saw behind my eyes and heard, “Eyes” . I asked, “Anywhere else?” and he said, “Heart”.

I then wondered about my OBEs. Why was I allowed to go OOB when I was told to not expect it? I have been asking nightly to go OOB and kept hearing, “No”, which usually means I will not get to go OOB. And then, why was it that I was not allowed to continue out the window?

I was told that with the adjustments that were being made to my energy body that it would not be good for me to access my astral body, which is why I was prevented from going through the window. When I asked why it was not good I heard, “You will leave”. I did not/do not understand that answer but I accepted/accept it.

It is interesting to me that the energy flow that I saw in my mind was coming from above and circulating through my feet and then back up into my crown. Usually, when I see my energy moving it is in the opposite direction. I was then shown, told why this was happening.

What I was shown was the chakras in the human body acting like a large antenna which is used to remotely control the body, mind, emotions, etc. From what I was able to gather, this is what “conduit” means, as a conduit is “a means for transmitting or distributing”, but in this case what is being transmitted is thought/spirit/energy. I was then reminded of something I was told not long ago – “Your poles are shifting”. And so what I gather is that part of my changes (and maybe everyone who is going through ascension) is that the typical pattern of energy flow in my body is changing direction.

What does this mean?

From what I can make of it, it means more direct access to my Higher Self, more than I have ever had in this lifetime and previous lifetimes.


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