Harmonizing Earth

I wanted to start with a short update on the symptoms I have been experiencing this week.

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Deep, nearly dreamless sleep
  • Energy fluctuations
  • Mood swings
  • Voracious appetite
  • Root, second, third, fourth, third eye and crown chakra buzzing/activation
  • No lucid dreams or OBEs since the 12th
  • Headache (mild)
  • Neck ache (mild)
  • Lower backache (moderate)
  • Digestive changes (mild)
  • Body temperature fluctuations; feeling cold more than hot
  • Sweating, mostly in the mornings even when not hot


I have been experiencing the deepest, most sound sleep I have had since I was a teenager. I am also sleeping almost as long as I did when I was a teenager. For me this is surprising as I have not been a sound sleeper since I stopped taking the antidepressant Zoloft. A side effect of stopping the antidepressant which I took at very low doses caused me to become a very light sleeper. I have had to wear earplugs to bed every night since in order to not be woken up by any little noise in the night. I have fought insomnia on and off since 2006, the worst of which occurred from 2012-2013. I have been blessed with good sleep since the start of 2014 but had to still use earplugs and Benadryl nightly.

I was instructed to stop taking the Benadryl three nights ago. I worried I would not sleep as well and would wake frequently in the night. The exact opposite occurred. I slept better and woke fewer times. In fact, one night I slept so deep that I woke up nearly peeing my pants (blush)! This is unheard of for me! Usually the only reason I wake up now is because I have to use the restroom and it is almost always 6-7 hours after falling asleep. I also am extremely drowsy when I wake up even after more than 10 hours of sleep. One morning I felt like I did after my c-section when I was anemic. It is a wonderful, floaty feeling that I relished that week after surgery and it came back to me on the 20th with such intensity that I had to force myself to get out of bed that morning.


In addition to sleeping so much more than usual, I am hungrier than usual as well. This morning when I woke at 4am to use the bathroom I could not go back to sleep without eating something because I got an intense hunger that would not go away. I ate a good balance of protein and carbohydrates and then fell immediately back into a deep slumber.

The morning before I woke up so hungry that I felt sick and had to eat as quickly as possible so that I avoided blacking out. I was also filled with such anger at waking up that I kept hearing my inner voice say “eat” over and over and knew that my emotional response was a direct result of my low blood sugar. My “morning monster” was in rare form and I am glad I did not say or do things that I would later regret. Instead I mainly thought them and did not let the beast out on a rampage. Once I ate I felt so much better but the negative emotions lingered for some time. Later in the day I was again hit with similar emotions and frustration only for them to vanish as soon as I ate.

What is extremely weird about my increased hunger is that I have decreased my physical activity substantially since last weekend. I am only walking or doing yoga rather than my normal high intensity intervals (HIIT) and circuit training. I now recognize the reason I was instructed to stop the high intensity routines – my body is already working overtime enough and adding more to that load could put me into adrenal fatigue.

Erron – “Mountain of Strength”

My biggest upset since the 12th has been my almost complete loss of OBEs and near lack of dreams at night. I love my OBEs and without them I have been a very upset. Yesterday I was really mad because I have been requesting to astral for many days in a row and each time I felt it would not happen and it didn’t. Last night was no exception. I am not concerned anymore about it because I know they will return at some point and that I need this time to sleep and recover, but I still miss my OOB excursions.

When I woke at 4am this morning, I was a walking zombie as I stumbled about in the dark to find the restroom. Interestingly, I received and unexpected message as I groped blindly for the lights. In my mind I saw the name: “Erron”. It was spelled out in front of my mind’s eye and then pronounced very clearly: Er-Ron with the emphasis on the “Ron” part. This, of course, woke me up some and when I returned to bed I asked him who he was. I asked, “Are you an angel? An ascended master or something? (laughing)” He replied, “I am a friend”. I asked (still laughing), “Am I suppose the channel you?” He replied, “If you want”.

I stopped making jokes because he was very obviously not joining in on the fun. I then remembered yesterday that I had “heard” or perhaps just “remembered” that they (my Team) were requesting additional assistance in the form of “family” to help me through this difficult time. I remember recognizing this tidbit of information and thinking that I would soon see my grandfather, grandmother or father either in a dream or in a visit during the day. This is not uncommon for me so I just shrugged it off and forgot about it.

As soon I my thought surfaced, Erron responded to it, “Yes. I am your ‘family'”. I then thought back, “Ah, I guess we are all family” and he responded with agreement.

I wondered what exactly this “difficult time” was and what Erron was helping me with. He told me specifically that there was adjustment being made to my amygdalae. I knew this was part of my brain but that was the extent of my knowledge so I just let it be. He then told me that I was harmonizing with the Earth and I saw in my mind a couple of websites, as if he wanted me to research this when I woke up. I acknowledged this information and thought about music and how each person’s individual vibration is like their song. Each of our songs creates the music, the harmony, of Earth. I liked this analogy and it made sense to me why music made me feel so good. I was then told, “The Earth is our song” and I imagined each of us “singing” through our raised vibrations, our lights increasing and joining to brighten this world and bring it out of darkness.

As I contemplated our conversations, my crown chakra began to buzz and expand as did my third eye. My entire head felt alive with energy. I continued to try and focus on what I was being told. The last thing I heard was, “Abraham-Hicks”.  It was not long after that I fell back to sleep, my head abuzz with a soft, loving energy.


When I woke up this morning I researched the name Erron (Eron) and found that it means “mountain of strength” in Hebrew.I immediately liked the name and the message that came with it. I would love to be a “mountain of strength”!

I then researched the amygdala. I found that the amygdalae (there are two on either side of the brain) are a set of small almond-shaped clusters of nuclei, located deep within our brain’s temporal lobe. They play a huge part in processing emotions and are the reacting part of the brain. Two hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, are released into the body by amygdala activation. When too much of either of these is released, specifically during extended periods of stress, there can be negative physical and emotional effects, one of which is – you guessed it – adrenal fatigue.

I discovered information on ways to help over activating the amygdalae. Interestingly, all of the suggestions correspond to the “instructions” I received about changing my diet and staying grounded. The top suggestion is to avoid negative situations and people. The next is to avoid stimulants like coffee and nicotine. This is followed by eating a balanced, whole foods diet and eating frequent meals to maintain blood sugar levels. Finally, controlling the mind and exercising regularly are also suggested. It is especially important to avoid these things if you are empathic, meaning you are easily influenced by the energies and emotions of others. I am indeed empathic, always have been, and have struggled to not be the effects of others emotions and energy my entire life. So it makes sense to me that my body would react equally as much in response.

Finally, I researched “harmonizing Earth” and “Earth harmonics”. I did not find anything significant or that felt right in my research. Maybe I will find more in time, but for now I will stick with the analogy of vibration being music. I like it and it makes sense to me. The Earth’s song is changing and my voice is part of that change. Indeed.


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