Easing the Symptoms of Ascension – Part 2

In part 1, we discussed the changes that occur with our energy as a result of ascension. To summarize, those who have begun the ascension process are moving from living from their solar plexus to living from their heart. The shift is not all at once. It takes place over time during which new energy channels are formed. All of this change eventually effects the individual and becomes noticeable as symptoms of ascension. These symptoms are often unpleasant and some are even outright scary.

Because of my own struggle with the symptoms of ascension, I asked my guide to help me better handle them. Is there something I could be doing to help ease these irritating, sometimes scary, symptoms? The answer was:

1. Ground properly and consistently.
2. Avoid contact with overly emotional, negative or otherwise unbalanced individuals.
3. Live through the heart, not the mind.

In part 2 I cover grounding, what it is, and the different methods of grounding.


Grounding is defined as a practice that connects your energy with that of the Earth’s energy. Being grounded allows you to be present and connected with your physical Self and creates a bridge between your physical and spiritual Self. Grounding also allows you to expel unwanted or excess energy.

During the ascension process, energy in general is shifting, changing direction and expanding. This change causes blockages in the various chakras to become more pronounced as more energy builds up behind blockages. Grounding allows an individuals to dispel excess energy and smooth the flow of energy throughout so that the buildup of energy is reduced, thus reducing the symptoms of the buildup. If not grounded properly, the ascension symptoms one experiences are more pronounced. Additionally, if you are not grounded properly while also resisting or denying the ascension process you create blockages in the lower chakras which restrict energy flow, thus increasing the negative symptoms of ascension.

There are many ways to ground:

1. Meditation
2. Exercise (indoor or outdoor)
3. Crystals
4. Immersion in nature
5. Food


A simple meditation where you focus on your own body and energy is enough to ground you. There are many meditation exercises available free on the internet that are specific to grounding. The simplest meditation exercise is to imagine you are growing roots from the bottom of your feet and allowing those roots to stretch deep into the Earth. While doing this, you visualize your branches reaching high into the air and spreading out. Click here for a good grounding meditation.


Any physical exercise is grounding. You do not have to run a mile or life heavy weight. Simply taking a stroll outside in nature is enough. Physical movement not only increases circulation, strengthens your heart and lungs and is overall beneficial to your physical body, but it also increases the flow and strength of your auric energy in a similar fashion. Additionally, there is a mental release associated with physical exercises that allows one to function in “the moment”.

For me, physical exercise is moving meditation. I find that I need to stay physically active several days a week to maintain balance. For me, personally, the more rigorous the exercise, the better. As I have gotten older and the strenuous exercise takes more of a toll on my body, I have integrated yoga into my routine.


If you like rocks and other minerals, you may find that handling crystals has a grounding effect on you. The best grounding crystals are black tourmaline, jasper, bloodstone, and green aventurine, though there are many crystals that will work. To use crystals to help you ground, simply hold one for a while or carry one in your pocket or purse.

When I had my first awakening, I found that holding crystals was very helpful, especially if I held any type of quartz crystal. I used it so often that I carried one around with me all day long and any time I felt “off” I would hold onto it and imagine its energy coursing through me. It calmed me down and helped me think more clearly. I love my rose quartz!

Immersion in Nature

Immersion in nature is another way to ground. You can immerse yourself in any of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. The key to immersion is to surround yourself either physically or energetically by Earth’s energy. Some examples of immersion are: taking a hot, mineral bath; taking full, deep breaths of outside air; sitting next to a roaring fire; or walking around barefoot in the dirt and grass. I have known people to even cover themselves in mud in order to feel more grounded.

You can also use essential oils, which are of the Earth, to assist in your grounding. I was introduced to essential oils by a close friend of mine during my last pregnancy. I found myself attracted to certain oils right away and didn’t hesitate when the opportunity arose for me to become a consultant. Later, my friend sent me a book called Emotions & Essential Oils and a whole new method of healing and spiritual growth opened up to me. I began to use essential oils to help clear blockages and heal deep internal issues. I did this by listening to my Higher Self who steered toward the oils I needed. Currently, I have been using essential oils to ground and release fear. I have found Patchouli and Frankincense work best for these goals.


Finally, and often times overlooked, is that you can become more or less grounded depending on the food you eat. When I asked for assistance in helping myself with ascension symptoms, grounding through food was the top area that came up. Over two years ago I was led to begin to eat “clean”. This means I cut nearly all sugar and refined foods out of my diet, increased my protein consumption, and ate more leafy green vegetables. The more pure the food, the more pure the energy the food provides your body with. My guide’s actual words were, “Be mindful of what you put into your body as it effects how your body processes and adapts to Kundalini”. The visual I got was that highly processes foods have defunct energy signatures filled with erratic and broken lines. The more pure and organic a food source, the more pure and unadulterated the energy it provides your body.

If you are interested in clean eating, check out Tosca Reno’s website. She has authored several books and cookbooks on clean eating, I own her Eat Clean Diet Cookbook and have read her Just the Rules book. For me, this diet has helped me immensely with my high anxiety and overall unsettled feeling. Cutting sugar has helped stabilize my mood and increasing my vegetables (I hardly ate any before!) gave me more energy and stamina. Finally, increasing protein and decreasing carbs not only helped ground me but it also decreased my body fat levels while making me feel full for longer periods. So, overall, changing your eating is a win-win all around!


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