Easing the Symptoms of Ascension – Part 1

Since my most recent experience on November 30th I am told, “there has been much adjustment to energetic changes”. The “pattern of energy” has shifted and new “channels” have been created to direct this energy. Though I am not really certain what all of this means, I most definitely have noticed the changes which have risen to the surface as a result.

Energetically I am recovering from an illness. A part of me suspects this illness was brought on by the sudden opening of chakras long closed while another part thinks it is all regular viral infection as the rest of my family has had the same virus. Spiritually within the span of less than a week I have had drastic emotional ups and downs. I have felt sad, depressed, lonely, hopeful, energized, fearful, anxious, nervous, and introspective all at different times. The lows lasted about a day as did the highs. Thankfully the fearful part did not last more than an hour or so.

In considering all the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual changes that I have been experiencing, I became curious about why I was experiencing these changes. Specifically, I wanted to know I there was any way to help ease the symptoms I have been experiencing.


Energetically, there is much change occurring. I had a strong urge to draw what was going on. What I ended up drawing was a picture of the aura and the directional flow of the energy. Though the drawing is rough and not exactly what I envisioned, it is good enough to get the general idea of how energy flow shifts. The size of the paper was not enough to show just how large the aura extends.


Directional flow of the energy of an individual living from the heart center.

The patterns of energy I was shown are depicted by arrows. The heart chakra is intended to be the center of this directional flow. When balanced, an individual will live from the heart and direct energy from this central point. The arrow going up is the energy that composes the spiritual aspects of the individual. It extends all the way up through the 12 chakras and I am told those chakras extend 7 more above that. The arrow going down is the energy of the chakras that connect the spirit to the physical. These chakras are focused upon survival in the physical and sensations and emotions associated with life in the physical. The arrows going to the left and right are the energy of the aura as it expands due to the increase in energy as the spiritual centers open and align. Energy of a fully ascended individual extends many more feet out from their physical body than the energy of someone who has not ascended.

This directional flow is needed to maintain balance. If this balance is maintained, the individual will feel good physical, emotionally and spiritually and their ability to manifest their desires will increase exponentially.

During the ascension process, however, balance is lacking. This is because the individual who has not yet ascended mostly lives energetically through the lower chakras ā€“ chakras 1-5. Their center is not via the heart chakra but via either the third, even sometimes the second or first. The aura of an individual living through the solar plexus (third chakra) is much smaller in comparison to an individual living through the heart chakra.

The directional flow of energy of a person living from the solar plexus.

The directional flow of energy of a person living through the solar plexus.

When someone begins to ascend their higher chakras open up. When this happens, the shift in energy must be balanced out. However this process is typically not smooth. Individuals often attempt to control the experience either logically explaining away what is happening to them, refusing to confront individual issues, and maintaining self-induced ignorance that anything at all is happening to them. The very act of doing this causes imbalance to be maintained rather than balance. Also inherent to ascension is clearing limiting beliefs, recalling past lives, and a myriad of other changes. These changes are not usually accepted by the individual and this rejection further exacerbates the problem.

As you can see by comparing the two drawings, when the “shift” occurs, there is a literal shift from the third chakra to the fourth. Individuals living from the third chakra are more focused on living for themselves. Their thinking is linear and focused more on the material and logical than the spiritual. When living from the heart center, the “I am” thinking expands into the “We are” and feelings become dominant over logic. This expansion occurs at all levels of the energy system and there is a ripple effect across all levels and dimensions of the individual. So, in a nutshell, the “shift” occurs all over.

Methods to Diminish Ascension Symptoms

When inquiring about how to diminish my own uncomfortable ascension symptoms, I was given three key things I must do.

1. Ground properly and consistently.
2. Avoid contact with overly emotional, negative or otherwise unbalanced individuals.
3. Live through the heart, not the mind.

I will cover each of these in more detail in separate posts.


2 thoughts on “Easing the Symptoms of Ascension – Part 1

  1. So glad you posted this! Same here as far as an infection of some sort. Figured it was partially energy-related. Feel better!

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  2. daynaspirit says:

    Thank you! I am starting to get better. šŸ™‚

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