The Trance State

In the wake of my most recent experience, I wanted to explain what exactly happened to me. I want to make it very clear that what I experienced 1. was not a dream, 2. is something anyone can do.

I began meditating in 2002. My first meditation was profound. Looking back, I believe it triggered a full opening of my 7th chakra and began the process of opening my 8th chakra. I know for sure that it propelled me into the journey of a lifetime. One. Simple, Guided. Meditation. It blew me away.

Years after this first meditation, after recognizing I had abilities beyond anything I even considered possible, I met a hypnotherapist from the U.K. He was fascinated with something called the “trance state”. I had never heard about it. He told me about how it worked. An individual was put under hypnosis through a specific guided imagery session. When done properly, they would resign their dominant personality and let Spirit take over. When this happened, Spirit, usually a spiritual guide, would talk through the individual. This is what Edgar Casey did as well as many, many others some well known, others not.

I was not sure I believed him but seeing was believing. I watched as he took a friend of mine into the trance state through hypnosis. When she let Spirit in a dramatic change occurred. Not only did her face seem to take on an altogether different look, but her voice changed. When she spoke she could even speak another language, a language she did not know! I was astonished.

I tried to tape record one session. My friend went under hypnosis and let my guide speak through her. I was super excited to hear what he had to say. He gave his real name. He spoke in Aramaic (confirmed later), and gave specifics about me that my friend couldn’t possibly have known. Afterward, eager to listen to it all over again, the tape was complete static. All that could be heard was me asking questions. The answers were all static.

I tried to go into the trance state several times. For some reason I just never could. I was terrified of letting go of control over my body. I was terrified of being “possessed”. All I was able to do was get into a semi-hypnotized state, which basically means I was really relaxed but never to the point of the trance state.

The Trance State: What is It?

Most people might think all that I just wrote is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. A made up story or some joke played on me by my friend. However, the trance state is very real. It can be reached without hypnosis. It can be reached via meditation.

I use to think I could never get to the trance state but the more I meditated, the more relaxed I became and then I had some very profound things happen to me. My guide spoke to me, appeared to me, touched me, spoke to me in another language. My body would feel heavy and light at the same time. I would be washed in love, peace, calm and also relive past lives as if they were happening at that exact moment. All of this because of the trance state.

Technically, the trance state is just very deep relaxation. But it has been studied quite a bit and findings indicate that the brain hemispheres function together in a way they don’t normally. Brainwaves change. Brain activity lessens.

If you are curious and want to know more about the trance state and how to achieve it for yourself, check out The Trance State by Robert Bruce. The author provides different techniques to use to attain the trance state. My hypnotherapist friend used the “Steps” technique to help his clients achieve this state.

Personally, I do not use a “technique” to enter trance. I don’t think I have to, really. I entered the trance state last night when meditating. I find I enter it simply by keeping my mind clear and focusing on a repetitive thing. Last night I did self-healing. Any time my mind would wander and I would find myself day dreaming, I would simply stop myself and return to whatever I was doing before. I was sick last night, so I gave up, but I did feel the tell-tale signs of trance.

Signs of Trance

You know you are entering the trance state when you feel the following:

  • warm, cozy, and heavy feeling in your body
  • all over tingly feeling in body
  • difficulty focusing your thoughts, day dreaming
  • odd lights and/or colors flashing in your vision
  • disassociation with the physical body
  • buzzing or vibrating in the body, particularly the head
  • rapid eye movment (REM), fluttering of eyes behind eyelids
  • hypnagogic images
  • sensation of falling (sometimes)
  • odd noises, bumps, bangs, etc (indicate deep trance)
  • heart palpitations/increased heart rate

Guide Induced Trance

I have also experienced guide induced trance. This just means that my guide helped me get to the trance state. Most of my OBEs in the early days were because my guide would induce the trance state and out I would go. At the peak of this time I would literally lay down in bed, close my eyes, focus on my guide’s voice and be in the trance state almost instantly. I suspect that is where I am headed again. My guide used the trance state to communicate with me during my most recent experience. He did this often prior to 2005.

Bruce addresses the issue of falling into the trance state too easily. That is likely what happened to me prior to my shut down in 2005. For me, I was just conversing with my guide and “learning”. Now that I think about it, though, I was going into trance at least daily, sometimes more, for quite some time and I did experience a “disassociation from reality”. Ouch. I wish I had known this information then.

This is what Bruce says about too easily falling into trance:

This is an occasional side effect of long-term development work. If a person spends a lot of time in trance, the trance state eventually becomes second nature and is then very easily attained. People with this tendency can find themselves accidentally sliding into the trance state many times each day, at the drop of the proverbial hat. If not checked, this can cause frequent dissociation from reality, which is an unhealthy way to live. This can become a serious psychological disorder and may require professional treatment if it is not addressed.

Use of Trance

The trance state has a myriad of uses. The most obvious is stress reduction, relaxation, and achieving a deeper connection to ones self and God. For me, the trance state brought me closer to my guide/my Higher Self, and set me on the path of self-discovery and astral travel. My guide uses the trance state to relay messages to me in a more direct fashion. I have also communicated with Spirit to include passed loved ones via this state. While in a deep trance state I am not only able to communicate with my guide(s), but also with Spirit if I want to (which is not usually). I am also able to identify chakra imbalance, illness, weakness and other issues with my physical body. Additionally, I am better able to recognize my own thoughts, beliefs and emotions and this in turn helps me in waking life to better recognize and control my emotions and reactions to life.


4 thoughts on “The Trance State

  1. motherofeden says:

    When I was 15-17 years old I read a handful of books on “channeling” which sounds like it’s the same thing. I believe I succeeded once. I felt the silhouette of someone (buddha-like) sitting cross legged lowering down to me as I reached higher to him/her. As soon as we merged a river of tears fell down my face as I was flooded with love. I wasn’t able to recall the questions I had intended to ask.. I just basked in the love. I will never forget that!!

    I should try it again… maybe I’ll get Bruce book or maybe I’ll just give it a shot.. I’ll let you know what happens..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daynaspirit says:

    If you haven’t read Astral Dynamics, then I encourage you to do so. The link in my post gives you a glimpse. It comes from chapter 17. It is likely the entire book is online somewhere for free.

    The Buddha-like figure you encountered was likely your guide. I am jealous that you were able to merge at such a young age! Lucky you! If you succeeded then and have been astral traveling ever since it is likely you do not need to do much to reach that state again. Good luck and keep me posted!


  3. motherofeden says:

    I have Astral Dynamics! So The Trance State is a chapter? Can’t wait to check it out!

    I don’t think I “merged” with my guide the way you have been talking about hoping to merge with yours soon. I just mean that I experienced the presence of another being come into my own, the way I sort of expected a channeling experience to happen. It sounds like you are about to experience something so much huger and more impactful than anything yet!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. daynaspirit says:

    I am not 100% certain it is a chapter because I loaned out my book and have not gotten it back yet. However, the link says it is astral dynamics so I suspect it is from the book, if not at least from the author.

    If you got to experience the presence of another Spirit join with yours even briefly then you are much closer to merging than I am. The fear of being “possessed” even though that is not what it is, is likely a major reason I am taking so long in this endeavor. I hope that I am about to experience something huge, but considering I was told it would be 4 years until my “death” (likely ego death) I think I have a long way to go. I would be happy just to experience what you did right now. Maybe I got close the other night.


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