The 8th Chakra

After yesterday’s multiple experiences, I spent most of my day walking around in awe. It wasn’t until the evening that I began to notice an odd feeling rising up within me. I recognized it instantly as trepidation.

I had been questioning my experiences all day, little by little. One of my first questions was about the odd healing exercise I did while meditating. No one had taught me such an exercise and I had not done purposeful self-healing in a very long time. Yet, I felt compelled to move my energy from my root chakra all the way to my crown. I counted as I did this, 1 for the root, 2 for the sacral, 3 for the solar, 4 for the heart, 5 for the throat, 6 for the third-eye, 7 for the crown, and 8…. I never really questioned why I was going to 8 at the time, but all I could think about during the day was, why 8?

The 8th Chakra

I knew very little about the 8th chakra but I did know that there were chakras that extended above the 7th. I didn’t know how many or what they were for, though. Since I could not stop wondering about it, I began to search the internet for the answers.

I found many interesting articles explaining the purpose of the higher chakras, chakras 8-12. When the bottom chakras are aligned and open properly, the next four chakras can open up. These are the spiritual chakras. I had always thought the heart chakra up through the crown were the “spiritual chakras”, but apparently, I was misinformed. These chakras do have a spiritual aspect but they are linked to the physical. The highest chakras are spiritual centers only and have no physical link except where the 8th and 7th chakras link.

The 8th chakras was the chakra I was most interested in since it had been included in my self-healing. This is information I found in an article, Chakras and the Ascension Process:

The 8th chakra is found aligned above the crown chakra and is the conduit of psychic abilities and spiritual information from the higher self to the physical self. This is also the chakra that holds and maintains whatever emotions or goals that were not maintained within the previous incarnations, or our karma. It is important to remember that the universe maintains balance and does not keep cosmic tabs on our behavior. We alone are responsible for those life lessons. The purpose of karma is to allow us to release those pains and trials that left residual spots in our aura that halted our ascensions in the past so that we can learn from them and move foreward. Once the door to the physical world is closed and the one of the spiritual world is opened, the individual, their perception, and their outlook is changed forever. This is the point in your development that you begin to see the world through new eyes. Simple things trigger hours upon hours of deep thought. You begin to see the universe not as a singular thing that is far off but as something dimensional of which you are an integral part.

As I contemplated the information I read about the 8th chakra I began to feel drawn to the 9th, even receiving a mental message from my guide simply saying, “9th”, in response to what chakra I was working on currently.

This is what the article says about the 9th chakra:

Once you are able to view the universe on higher level, the 9th chakra opens and your spiritual blueprint comes into play. Your blueprint is the map that you create prior to your first incarnation that holds every experience an individual may encounter and the many paths those experiences may hold. The choices that you make in physical form activate the paths made on the spiritual realm. The skills, abilities, lessons, wisdoms, and soul type (creator, healer, or teacher) are found in this chakra. Generally when a person realizes the type of soul path they have maintained (based upon how many lifetimes have been spent in each of these paths) the way becomes smoother and the transition is easier. When they fight against it, life becomes more stringent and less wisdom is gleaned from the experience.

Upon researching and reading more about chakras 8-12, I began to truly understand what was happening. I was in the process of “ascending”, or as my guide calls it, “merging”. These chakras are the key to the ascension process. The 7th chakra, when it opens, allows one access to their spiritual abilities but they will not be able to fully control them. However, when the 8th chakra opens, the individual will be able to better control those abilities but they will also have to confront their karmic obligations, purge old emotions and beliefs, and recognize life patterns. As they do this, the 9th chakra begins to open, giving them access to the Akashic records. It is only when the 10th chakra begins to open that the 9th chakra begins to fully flow and manifest.

As one chakra opens, the ones previous will open and expand further. So now that I am opening the 9th chakra, the 8th will further open but so will the previous 7.

If you are interested in chakras 8-12, I found one particularly interesting article about these chakras. I cannot post anything but the link to the article, as the author has strong copy write conditions attached to it. The article is called The Spiritual Chakras 8 to 12. This article is very much designed for the healer’s use, so if you are not familiar with energetic healing, some of it will not make much sense to you. However, as a healer myself, it was fascinating to me.

Overall, from what I have gathered, chakras 8-12 are all very intricately linked. As with all the chakras, these chakras can be paritally opened, blocked and wide open at any point. Most individuals do not even have their 7th chakra open, but those who are now beginning the ascension process will have at least opened the 7th chakra and begun working on the 8th. This is the period of confusion for many and also can put one into a dark night of the soul.


Interestingly, I have already been at this point in my spiritual development. I have already had communication from my guide like I am having now. I use to have experiences like the one from yesterday frequently. Actually, I had better experiences, more profound and amazing.

I halted it in 2005. I was too overwhelmed by it all and found that I was increasingly withdrawing into the spiritual and abandoning my life. This imbalance wreaked havoc on my life. When I consciously recognized the imbalance I shut down. I literally told my guide to leave my thoughts. I suspended the process for the time being and was able to regain my foothold in the physical.

In 2007 I once again withdrew from the process, shutting it down further. Up until that point, I had just partially withdrawn, I still maintained my abilities and used them frequently. But in 2007, I completely sealed myself off from the 8th chakra and partially closed my 7th. This was the only way for me to feel “normal”, as with each suppression of my spiritual abilities I became more and more the picture of my previous self.

Now that I am opening up again, I am afraid. Afraid I will not be able to maintain balance. Already I am more interested in escaping to the spiritual than I am interested in the physical. I am wary, then, which my guide said is “Good”. He also says of the me back in 2005 – “You were a child”. I was in my 20s! Yet I understand what he means. I have changed, I have grown up and recognize much more about myself, my weaknesses and my fears

I am told I cannot stop this process. Anything I do now will only create delay and cause complications, mainly my resistance will make the experience uncomfortable, even frightening. I am being asked to “Let go” and allow things to progress. I am also being asked to, “Be patient” with myself. The opening of the higher chakras can take many years. I cannot expect to have nightly mind-blowing experiences, though I desperately want to.

Though I have been here before and it was life-shattering, this time does not have to be. Yes there will be change, but the change does not have to be scary or earth shattering. If I am open and patient with myself, if I listen to my heart rather than my fears, the process can be beautiful and empowering. All I have to do is “trust”.


5 thoughts on “The 8th Chakra

  1. Ryan says:

    I find this page very relevent and reassuring, to know it’s not just me who has times in fear.
    My biggest fear is getting to consumed and being percieved and not ‘normal’ by other. I allow myself to continue the ascension however it try to almost grasp it and control my experiences in attempt not to being too ungrounded and detached from reality if that makes sense.
    Kind regards,

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  2. Dayna says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Fear is very much a part of the process. This is venturing into the unknown! You are very brave to be here in this capacity, helping to pave the way. Temper your fears but allow them to show you you vulnerabilities. We all have them – it’s our response to them that is the test.



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  4. Sharon Burton says:

    This is so interesting.
    All my life as been lost in my own thoughts and that ov spirit.
    Some times I don’t know who I am .an I question why.
    Life as never been easy .the hardest losing my son recently.may be I to have lessons to learn .
    Surly it’s got to get better.

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