Mountain Towers

As the day progresses, I cannot stop thinking about what I am going through and what my future holds. There is so much in my mind now, being processed so very slowly, that I feel as if a part of me is about to explode with knowingness. It is as if all the answers are at the tip of my tongue but I cannot for the life of me get the words to come out or make any sense. What is odd to me is that when I do try and think about it all I go completely blank and a calmness washes over me as if I am being told to relax, trust and stop fighting. Is trying to make sense of all this considered fighting? I suppose it is because the human mind is so booby trapped by limiting believes and useless data that I have no doubt that if I tried to process all that has happened to me too quickly before my energy body and physical body have adjusted, I would drive myself insane. Thankfully, whatever happened, is happening, to me, keeps me from the brink of insanity through the very waves of calm that wash over me when I attempt to think too much.

Note to self: Listen.

12 Levels

What I am able to contemplate, and am ready and able to process without risk of booby traps, is the interesting dreams I had this morning.

I am sick, have been since Sunday. It comes and goes, some days not as bad as others. Last night it hit me full force and as I meditated I saw a message flicker in the left side of my mental vision: “tired”. It was very tiny but when I saw it I heard, ‘You are tired” and I knew I was. I rolled over, satisfied that my self-healing had proved successful, and fell asleep.

I dreamed I was in a busy, bustling room. It resembled a hotel lobby with people milling about, sitting at tables, drinking coffee and eating, or coming and going from the large, beautifully embellished, multiple elevators. I felt to be in a metropolis of some sort. It felt like New York, but I was not sure.

I watched as a man and woman rushed into an elevator. The man was nicely dressed in casual attire and very relaxed with a strong, compelling energy. The woman was in a vibrant red dress and had long, wavy brown hair that reached her waist line. They were laughing and completely ignored me as they walked by. But I knew them! We were suppose to be traveling together. Why didn’t they wait for me?

I tried to catch up with them, reaching for the elevator door and almost losing my hand in it as it closed. I looked at the dial showing the floors they were going to and prayed they were the first to be dropped off because a man I did not know got into the elevator with him. What if his floor is before theirs? If I chose that floor number then I would never find my friends.

I watched as the elevator ascended. 1, 2, 3, 4…..9, 10, 11, 12. It stopped at 12. That was the floor I would go to.

I got into the elevator and went to level 12. What is odd is that I felt I was already miles up in the sky before I got into the elevator.

Mountain Towers

The rising of the elevator up the 12 floors is mostly lost to me but I did make it to the 12th floor. The next thing I knew I was with the man and he was showing me the city.

It was not New York.

I was flying above a large city. It was bigger than any city I have ever visited. The lights were bright and sparkling and the colors vivid. We stood for a while on the city side walk and I looked up and saw a massive tower in front of me. It had to be a mile high! I remember the sidewalks were vibrant white but had a silver glimmer about them. In fact, all of the buildings, except the tower in front of me, had a silver glimmer to them. I felt as if I were in a futuristic city similar to present time sci-fi movies.

This was not an Earth city. I knew the name and also knew of other names of cities. I cannot remember the name now but I know it started with a B and reminded me of a country on Earth. I also heard the name Lumeria, which I have visited in an OBE. I knew I had been there before. I wish I could remember what I remembered then but it is all lost to me now!

The next thing I knew I was flying high above the city with the man. I was being told about the towers and the man I was flying with motioned in front of him. I looked into the distance and saw majestic, snow topped mountains with jagged peaks one after the other. They seemed to go on forever. He then gestured to the city below us and mentioned the towers. I noticed we were right above a large, golden brown tower. It reminded me of a cathedral mixed with a castle tower. It had a pointed, conical roof and rose miles into the air. The man told me that the people who built the city built towers out of the mountains. At the time, I recognized the towers below me, situated specific distances from one another, as “mountain towers”, even though now, as I think on the memory, they looked nothing like the mountains other than being majestic and rising high into the air.


I was not lucid in either of these dreams but I am certain that the second dream was an OBE. I remember it so vividly and believe I was taken to this city for a purpose. I also believe it was the same city as the first dream of the elevator. The feeling I had upon waking was that I was visiting there to do “work” specific to this Earth life.

I awoke immediately thinking about the name of the city. I repeated it to myself several times to try and remember it, but unfortunately the memory is gone now. I began to think about all the stuff I read about the Pleadians in the past and how I once was sure that I was communicating with them. I even had OBEs where I went to other planets and visited. I put an end to those thoughts, though, because they cause me to feel uneasy. But I wonder now, is there some truth to it?

I am certain the first dream was a result of my contemplating chakras 8-12. The feeling from that dream was that I felt ill prepared for the changes coming my way and that I felt left behind, as if I am way behind those of my friends.There may be some truth to this because I have had this feeling before and it has come out in my dreams. I can’t help but wonder if I slipped up in this life, got behind and am now playing catch up. Did I make a mistake when I put my awakening on hold back in 2005?


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