I had quite a few dreams once I entered dreamland, but now most are lost to me. I awoke after them and even went over and over them in my head, but I only remember tidbits of information.

The dream I remember parts of occurs at a very elaborate house – a mansion. I am there with my husband and some other people. We are sneaking around and it is very obvious we are trespassing. There are only glimpses of the dream left for me now. I recall there being a man who was very large. I knew he was going to die. I saw in a calendar in front of me and struggled to read it. I finally made out the date 12/12/14. I reconsidered, second guessing myself for a bit and thinking it must have said 12/14/14, but then I was corrected by someone (myself?) and settled on 12/12/14.

As my group was leaving one area, we drove under an arch that was heavy with ivy. The large man died and I confirmed that it was 12/12/14. I remember feeling various emotions at this but most of all I recall feeling unable to keep it from happening.

We continued on and got out of the car. We found the owners face down in a jacuzzi and I screamed, “Call 9-1-1!” Then my husband (who was my ex husband now) turned and said, “They’re alive! They were playing a joke on us!”

I struggled with my lucidity at this point. I knew I was dreaming but seemed unable to control the way my dream turned out. I felt like I was playing tug-of-war with myself. For a while I would gain control and begin to take over and then I lose it and find myself sucked back into a dream I was not interested in.


I finally was able to gain control of the dream and instantly felt the familiar sensations that come with separation from my body. I soon found the scene changed. I was inside the mansion in the living room. Sitting before me was my three-year-old son. He was watching t.v., the light from the screen illuminated him making him seem to glow with energy. The room itself was dark except for my son and the t.v. but I could make out some of the furnishings and the curtains. It resembled my Mom’s house but not exactly.

I went up to my son and he saw me and reacted with a smile. I tried to get him to come with me but he would not budge. He wanted to watch t.v. I felt very aware and wanted desperately to make the darkness fade away. I left my son to his t.v. watching and went to the front door. As I opened it I stated, “There will be light!”

When I opened the door, though, there was no light. It was dark. I did see the moon illuminating the entire scene and felt as if I were being transported into a different world. I saw strange shapes hovering and when I tried to focus upon them, thinking they were familiar objects the scene would shimmer. The energy swirled around me, pulling me out into what I was seeing, but I resisted. I felt I could not control what was happening! I didn’t panic, I just was in shock or maybe awe. It is hard to describe.

I closed my eyes and began to chant, “Om”. I could feel it resonate deep within me and all at once my core shook, but not violently. My vision blacked out and I was swept up into the vibrations very quickly, almost like I was sucked into a tornado. It was not scary but I felt as if I were broken into millions of pieces. The force of it brought me back into my body.

Disappointed I lay there in bed wondering, “What happened?” My guide said, “You cannot force two dimensions into three”. I did not understand at first but then it all began to make sense at once. I will try to explain it but it is difficult to put into words.

What I experienced before chanting “Om” was movement from a lower dimension into a higher one. From what I understood, I was moving into the mental plane and the chant accelerated the process. Since I was already a bit resistant to the movement the vibrations and odd “breaking apart of myself” caused me to withdraw and retreat back into my body.

Can’t Breathe

A bit overwhelmed by what I just experienced, I decided to go back to sleep but stated first that I wanted to go OOB. I lay on my stomach and tried to get comfortable but my nose was stuffy and my head felt heavy. I closed my eyes and drifted into the in-between state.

My guide spoke to me while I was floating there in-between. I don’t remember everything he said but as he was talking I continued to periodically mentally chant, “Om”. When I did, I became very aware of where I was and what was going on and followed through on my intent to leave my body.

The first time I noted that I was at the point where I could leave my body, I began to kick my legs and felt them separate from my physical body. I rolled out of my body, rocking back and forth and then all the way over. It took tons of effort and I recognized this meant I was in the etheric. I hit the floor and began to crawl toward the door. It felt like my face was covered or draped with heavy blankets and I tried to pull them off to see better. As I did my throat constricted and I suddenly could not breathe. I gasped for air and then quickly returned to my body and took a deep breath.

I immediately allowed myself to relax and began to “Om” again. I felt my body vibrate and took advantage of it and rolled out of my body effortlessly. I again felt heavy and pulled myself up, trying to break the invisible chains that seemed to be holding me down. I felt like I was dragging myself toward the door when I was hit again with a constriction in my throat. I remained calm and kept putting the intent out there to stay OOB but it didn’t work. My body pulled me back and I gasped for air again.

This happened a couple of more times, each time I succeeded to consciously leave my body. Each time my throat constricted and I stopped breathing. I do have a head cold but it is not a bad one, but perhaps that is what caused the constriction? It really felt as if my physical body stopped breathing when I left it. Scary to think of it but I wonder if I were able to ignore my body if I would have suffocated?


There are some messages I received while in-between. I managed to remember most of them.

One message was about the 12/12/14 date. My guide told me, “The veil will be lifted” when I asked him what the significance of this date was. For me, the veil is the in-between state that I often find myself in when I meditate or am about to go OOB but my guide describes it as a separation between my physical and spiritual. I guess I will find out on the 12th. Perhaps I am not completely understanding what “the veil” is?

I was not concerned about this message but then was told, “You cannot stop it”.

Finally, I was told that I needed to stop trying to control my OBEs, that this is why I continue to remain at the same level experience after experience. The actual words I heard were, “You can’t control it”. This bothered me because I was always led to believe that I had control of myself when OOB and that all I had to do was set an intent and I could go wherever I wanted. As I questioned my guide about what he meant, I understood it to mean that whatever is happening to me is not something my Earth self has any control over. The message is that it WILL happen whether I like it or not.

Factors Influencing Projection

Lucidity scale: 5 increasing to 8

Intent stated?: Yes

Time to bed: 10:00pm

Time to wake: 4:00am; 6:00am, 7:30am

Meditation?: Yes

Physical Exercise?: Yoga

Mood: normal

Body: headache, stuffy head cold, body aches from exercise

Tiredness: Low

Number of wakings: 3

Technique?: No

Sleeping position: Left side, stomach

Supplements: Multivitamin, 500mg vitamin E, 1000mg Biotin, 1000mg Evening Primrose Oil,  Natural Calm, Sleepy Time Extra Tea, Benadryl 25mg, Calcium 500mg, Vitamin D 1000mg, Vitex 150mg, DonQuai 150mg


4 thoughts on “12/12/14

  1. Very interesting OBE. It will be interesting to see what 12/12/14 brings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daynaspirit says:

    I am curious as well. I suspect it just means that I will begin connect with Spirit again.


  3. motherofeden says:

    Did you ever get any more input about the throat constriction? It just seems so bizarre and out of left field, and yet I suppose that even just having a cold could make you feel so “down” that being in the muck of the etheric (that’s how I think of it anyway) would be harder to avoid. I don’t know.

    I also find it interesting what your guide said about “you can’t control it.” I should probably heed that advice as well.. thank you as always for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. daynaspirit says:

    No, I never really solved that mystery. It seems most probable that my head cold was the main cause. In the past when in the etheric I have had physical body things (clothing, pillows over my head, etc) follow me OOB. Usually when I get far enough away these things disappear.

    And the control message makes sense now that I have thought more on it. My guide/higher self just wanted me to allow him to be in control. It sounds easy but so far I struggle with it.


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