I have been reading a book called The Other Side of God: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Being by Susan Kailor. I have struggling to read it for some reason and though I do feel more optimistic after reading a chapter, I never really want to read another one. Perhaps there is something I am reading I do not like?

I know lately I have not liked the idea of forever; being a infinite being with infinite possibilities. I have never really liked the idea. There is too much unknown about it. I have no idea what one would do for forever. All I know is what I have remembered and that is that I have lived life after life, seemingly trapped in Earth and other world experiences. Although I have remembered some of my between life experiences, it is so limited and seems to support the idea that each of us ends up repeating the cycle of life over and over again. I am told by my guides that I do this “to learn” but something about that answer does not sit well with me. What if I am tired of learning? What if I don’t want to be infinite or forever? What do I do if I want the endless cycle of life to stop? What if I completely refuse to come back after this life – what would they do? Drag me kicking and screaming to my next body?

From what I have read, there is no forcing anyone into a body or a lifetime of bodies. This is done by choice. And from recent books I have read, I am beginning to think that the reason we go back into life is more of a feeling of being incomplete. We are “incomplete” because we chose to forget in order to experience ourselves through a specific experience or experiences. The current book I am reading supports this notion also while at the same time implying that we can change this process simply by dropping the current “masks” we wear that support a “theme” we have carried with us lifetime after lifetime. Freedom also comes by throwing off the illusion of right or wrong. This I have already recognized as truth, but have not fully integrated.

All of this is overwhelming. I am just now realizing that I am feeling overwhelmed, though. I did not recognize this on Monday when I first got the idea that I do not want the experiences I have been having anymore. I also thought that I do not want to post any of my OBEs, dreams or such on FB or in my FB groups. In fact, I feel like just ignoring FB altogether for a while. I found myself feeling like an outcast in the groups I am a part of. I feel so different and so invalidated by the fact that I am so different. I just don’t think anyone anywhere understands me and it upsets me that I cannot communicate what is going on within me to anyone, even myself. There is such a strong disconnect between my Earth Self and my Higher Self right now and I sense that even more than ever. It is as if my Earth Self is so afraid to expand that she is shrinking back from her Higher Self. If this continues, then I know that the cycle I want so badly to free myself from, will continue. As this feeling increases, I want even more badly to hide and withdraw.


All these realization came out in my dreams last night. I had one vivid dream where I was visiting my Mom and found her inside a chicken pen inside a bathtub. She had diverted all the water to her bath and was happily lounging in the tub. I do not recall seeing her, just knowing she was there in the tub. I spoke with her briefly about her chickens. I saw them outside the fence, trapped, and not able to get back inside. She flipped a switch and water was released to the chickens who happily drank from it, leaving their pacing at the fence.

I then noticed there were chicken eggs all around the chicken coup. There was also a small brown hen trying to gather up the eggs under her but unable to do so. I mentioned this to my mom and went about picking up the eggs. I began to worry they had gone bad, though, or at the very least had been partially incubated. So I threw one egg on the ground to check it. The yolk was gray and I sensed it was rotten. Usually the chickens eat a broken egg, but the chickens ignored it. I looked closer and saw that it had indeed been partially incubated. I could see the tiny embryo and the blood vessels to it.

chicken eggInterpretation and Symbolism

To see a chicken in a dream suggests cowardliness and/or a lack of willpower. It can represent being a “chicken” or chickening out of a situation. Considering my feelings about life lately, this makes perfect since. I so want to give up and retreat!

The eggs in my dream suggest that I am contemplating a situation in which there is possibility for achievement and making progress towards my goals. Usually a nest of eggs means financial gain but I saw the eggs scattered and more lined up than in a pile. This could mean that I do not recognize the financial gain as important or am not able to see the possibility of it. I gathered the eggs, which indicates I am open to the idea of progress and want to embrace my creative potential, but cracking the egg and seeing it rotten indicates that I do not feel able or worthy. In fact, a broken egg suggests one is “walking on eggshells” or feel fragile or vulnerable. Seeing the newly formed baby chick could have been me recognizing potential for creativity and how I am feeling uncertain about my own ability and creative potential.

Then there is the fence and the chickens being trapped on the other side. This I recognized immediately as my own feelings of being “trapped”. The chickens went toward the water which could mean that I need to explore my emotions in order to escape the trapped feeling.

Grocery Store

I had another dream where I was visiting a huge grocery store similar to Sam’s Club. I had a basket but it was small and I spent the majority of the dream seeking out a larger basket, one that could carry more food and accommodate my children. I kept encountering more baskets, but they were all very small and not appropriate for my needs. I recall passing by a large, cooked pot roast and saw it cut and fall apart in front of me. It was very appealing and I wanted it. I recall thinking I would come back and get it once I got the right sized basket. The image of it was so vivid that I could almost smell it! I then walked toward the front of the store and passed by this man. He was large and burly, his face and body very hairy. I remember he was intently watching me and walked past him, ignoring him. Then I went to the front and saw an employee in red moving a bunch of carts. I thought he would have a large one, but he only showed me more of the same size carts. I inquired about the larger carts. He pointed to one for a handicapped person. I shook my head and told him it was wrong. I finally took one of the carts and left, disappointed.

Interpretation and Symbolism

A grocery store or market symbolizes a lacking or some emotional or physical need in life. The items being shopped for indicate the areas of need. In this case, I was not shopping for store items but looking for the basket. This tells me that I feel ill prepared with the current resources at my disposal (the basket). Since my basket is empty and I do not fill it, it could represent that I feel I have no resources at my disposal. I feel I need more resources (bigger basket) in order to handle the emotional and/or physical needs I have in life. Specifically, I think of having to carrying my children and this feel like a burden without a larger basket. Perhaps I need more support?


I can’t help but think “What is the point?” It is as if I am on a path, deep in the dark woods. I can barely see ahead of me and the road splits in several directions. The signs are broken and unreadable. I don’t know which way to go. In fact, I have forgotten altogether where I am going. So, I sit down and stare ahead of me at the different routes. I need guidance but there is no one there. I need a friend, but I have none. I probably should just pick a road, because part of me tells me they all lead to the same place, but I am tired of this journey. I silently pray that an aircraft comes to pick me up and take me away.

My dreams reflect perfectly how I was feeling last night. I almost felt on the verge of insanity, but I had no idea why. I even asked my guide if I were going crazy and he laughed and said, “No, not this life”. Then I began thinking and saying to him, “I don’t want to know anymore” and felt very unsettled, as if all of this experience were too unreal and knowing it was all an illusion. I stared at things and thought, “It seems so real, but it is an illusion”. Part of me could not accept this at all. Part of me wants badly for it all to be real. Without the realness, what is there? What do I hold onto? That is the scariest thing to consider and I believe it is what is holding me back. How does one take the plunge into the unknown?

My guide is irritatingly optimistic right now. He laughs and smiles a lot. I want to swat him away like an irritating fly. I say to him, “You sure have a lot of faith in me” and he smirks saying, “You are doing well”. I suppose being pushed to my limits is a good thing in his eyes. At least I do get from him, “Be patient. Baby steps”. That tells me he understands and that my over-eagerness to overcome my own limitations is responsible for the very feelings I am having.


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