See No Evil

I was awakened to shrill screaming. After tending to my baby and unfortunately arguing with my husband about the “cry-it-out-method” which I believe is horribly mean at such a young age, I got back into bed. I was unsettled and angry for a bit and certain I would not fall asleep. Fortunately, I did.

White SUV

I found myself in a dream with my husband. We were both getting part-time jobs at a taco joint. I was doing it because I felt I had no choice. I don’t know why he was doing it.

My husband was training and I went to help the others get the food ready for the day. I remember thinking about how I did not want to return to such a job as memories of my past part-time employment at various food establishments resurfaced. It did not disgust me but I was completely disinterested.

I went outside and found myself in front of my old middle school. It was pick-up time and there were cars everywhere. I went to my SUV and moved it, parking it farther from the school, then called my husband to tell him where I was. I got inside and someone had sprayed water all over it and short circuited the Bluetooth. I got upset and drove to a new parking place, but parked crooked. The people in the next parking space began to speak harshly to me about how I parked, demanding I move my SUV. I was not nice back and noticed they were Iranian or something and remember thinking how out of place that was.

I moved my SUV by actually pushing it with my body. I turned to yell at them, telling them I could not park right because I was avoiding hitting people. They yelled back and pointed. I turned and saw my SUV had rolled into a utility poll and was damaged. I laughed at it, completely unconcerned. I also saw that it was a vibrant white, which is not the real color of my SUV.

Baby Boy

Seeing my SUV the wrong color must have caused my awareness to peak and I found myself experiencing the sensation of exiting my body. The room I came into was dark and I immediately noticed it. The first thing I did was launch myself into the air and yell out, “I want to see light!” As I did this, I remembered I should sing, so I started singing the phrase as I flew.

I soared up higher and higher and began to notice my surroundings. I do not remember it becoming “light” but I could see clearly, though not as vividly as I would have liked. I was in a house and it had high ceilings. I was on the second floor and flying through towards a room. I went inside and saw an oval bathtub full of bubbly water and toys. I do recall this room was brighter than the other one with a golden hue. I came closer to the tub and began thinking of my baby and knew/thought, “Thinking of him will bring me joy and make the light come”. As I thought this, I looked down and saw him in the water, smiling and floating sideways. I leaned in and picked him up, watching the water go over his face and saying/thinking, “You are okay”. There was a complete understanding that he did not want to drown, so he wouldn’t. I picked him up and held him close, enjoying the moment. I clearly remember seeing him smiling and reliving the feeling of closeness and motherhood.

Control is an Illusion

I felt myself floating back over my body. I settled in the familiar energy and then willed myself back. I wanted to return and see what was next.

I soon opened my eyes back in the house. I was on the second floor and vision was not an issue, though the lights still seemed low and my vision not as clear as I would like. I went to a half wall that overlooked the first floor and looked over. I climbed on top and stared down. Suddenly I was filled with apprehension that came with considering jumping over the edge. I then looked to my right and saw both my boys next to the half wall. I grabbed my baby’s hand and said to him, “Jump! You won’t fall!” and took the plunge. I plummeted towards the floor, briefly worrying I had been wrong, but I stopped short of the bottom and lightly bounced upward as if I had hit a trampoline.

At this point it was as if the projection/experience stopped completely or at least paused. I heard the voice of my guide to my left and behind me. I could not see him and his voice was like my own thought, but separate. I had been thinking about how I worried I would lose my children; how they could die so easily if I did not protect them. I was afraid for them and concerned. His thought to me was, “That is what makes his life exciting”. With these words came a complete understanding that my control over his life, over his safety, health and happiness, was a complete illusion. His life was his and mine was mine. I had no control over whether he lived or died. That control was totally his.This realization did not upset me in the least, instead I accepted it joyfully and I felt an energy within me release. If I had seen it, it would have been an explosion from my solar plexus.

I felt very accomplished, as if I had overcome a huge challenge. Feeling overjoyed, I flew up to the second wall, grabbing my oldest child’s hand and taking him with me.

We soared upward and my vision blacked out.

I Love You

I returned to my body, hovering there briefly. My hand was numb, so I had to move it, breaking the energy flow briefly. I did not worry that I could not return. Instead, I mulled over what had happened in my two OBEs, recognizing lessons were being learned and that it was purposeful. I was in “class”, but not like ever before.

I closed my eyes and went OOB without even thinking about it.

When I opened my eyes I was again on the second floor of the house (I think), but in front of me was a man. He was standing quite a distance away and seemed to be asleep with his eyes open, like I often see people I encounter in astral. He had dark brown hair that was short and thinning and round features. He looked vaguely familiar, but I could not place him. Though I do not remember having consciously intended anything, I knew immediately my intent towards this man. I even knew he was my father and knew his name, though it evades me now. I walked towards him with such courage, but my heart was suddenly overwrought with emotion, rejection, and pain, as if this man had done me great harm in life. I put out my hand, knowing I needed to love him and to accept that I did love him. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to hold my hand out towards him, palm facing him with the intent to heal. In my memory of it, it is painfully slow and torturous, the emotion so strong and painful that I began to well up with emotion, my heart center burning inside my chest.

When I got to him, I placed my hand right over his heart and tried with great difficulty to speak. I finally pushed the words out and said, “I love you”. When I said the words, the energy in my heart was exploding, it was not pleasant, but it was not painful either. It was just releasing old, stale, negative emotion. I felt the love energy rush through my arm and into my hand, right into the man’s heart. When this happened he suddenly became aware and looked directly at me. He seemed to recognize me and smiled a smile that said, “Thank you, I know this is hard for you”. In his smile I also knew he had wanted this to happen between us. I was close and he wrapped me in his arms and I fell into him, hugging him tightly.

God_Consciousness_1024See No Evil and God Consciousness

I came back to my body with the feeling of still hugging this man, this father figure. My hand was numb again and I moved it. At the same time realized something major had just happened. I had a breakthrough. I sorted through my memories but could not place the man, this father of mine from a past life. I stopped on one memory that I thought could potentially be him. When I did, I began to cry. If this was that father, then indeed there was much pain and betrayal involved.

I did not want to wake up and found myself in that in-between state for some time. During this time, my guide was talking with me, discussing what had happened. I saw many images but one stood out to me. It was a book that had the words “See no evil” written on the front along with a picture of a statue holding its hands over its eyes. On the side of the book, along the bound edge, were the words, “God Consciousness”.

I woke out of my reverie in shock, completely understanding what the “see no evil” meant. I then questioned the title on the bound edge. “What is God consciousness?” I asked. I got no answer but soon fell back into my in-between state, watching images float through my vision and hearing my guide speak, explaining what was going on and where I was going.

I don’t remember his exact words but I do know that I am using my astral reality to confront my demons. Some of these memories are so horrid that my conscious self has not been able to confront them fully. Yet, somehow another part of me is. These realities are my classroom, a controlled environment where I can safely analyze myself, my beliefs and my cycles with the assistance of my guides. It is purposeful and safe and much less likely to upset my waking life.

When I think back to the man I confronted, I truly believe he was not created by me but actually present. Perhaps he is living life now and was dreaming when I put my hand on his heart. Whatever the case, he recognized the healing and accepted it. I hope, wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he wakes up more at peace than he did when he went to sleep.


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