Developing Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to sense the realm outside our five human senses or extras sensory perception (ESP). The term, Clairvoyance, comes from French “clear vision” and is sometimes known as the “sixth sense”. The Clairvoyant will be able to perceive objects, persons, thoughts and events, past and present, to gain information into those instances.

In developing your clairvoyant ability, it is important to stay away from negative emotion and thoughts. It will be very difficult to continue any emotional and spiritual growth if there is no true emotional belief about the possibilities ahead. It is sometimes a good idea to keep spirituality and beliefs about developing clairvoyance to yourself unless other people are receptive to these ideas, as many people still disregard developing clairvoyance as a waste of time.

It is essential to develop self-trust. There are some guidelines to follow when first beginning to trust you new clairvoyant abilities. The first guideline is to heal your emotional issues. As you work through your emotional issues you will develop a desire to help others. You must also become emotionally and spiritually balanced so that the messages you receive are clear and not distorted by your own thoughts . Know that once images and messages are received they will increase as your adeptness improves in using the techniques. You must make the effort to explore each message that is given. As they are proven accurate, your trust in your clairvoyant abilities increase proportionately.

Meditation and yoga can help your developing clairvoyance. Yoga teaches the body to relax and stretch beyond what it is normally capable of. Meditation teaches us to quiet our very noisy mind and stretch beyond what we are normally capable of. It is as important to relax the body as it is to quiet the mind. Try to still your mind through meditation so that you are able to receive the messages that you are being given. Our innate clairvoyant abilities are always delivering messages to us, but they usually become lost in the chaos of our own minds.

If you are interested in developing clairvoyance then you should begin learning how to relax your body and quiet your mind. Developing clairvoyance can take many years to master, while for others, developing clairvoyance is a quick and easy process. Practice yoga to physically relax and learn good breathing techniques. Practice meditation to eliminate stress and quiet your mind. You will begin to see the messages that have always been there much more clearly once you have developed an ability to meditate.

In the beginning you will want to start easy so that you will be able to feel the energy and focus that is necessary to tap into your ability. Start simple by practicing by yourself or with a friend and as you power grows you can start interfacing with the more complex scenarios. Before beginning any exercise you will need to clear you mind of all negativity and daily clutter. Remove the stresses and thoughts that my cloud your mind; when you are relaxed and clear headed you can try the psychic test listed below.

1. Try to predict the outcome of a football, baseball or basketball game (any sport will do). First, begin by just trying to focus and predict the winner of the game and later on you can try to see the final scores.

2. Work with a friend and a standard deck of cards, trying to guess the color, number or suite. You will be able to work your way up into predicting 2 of the two choices or even 3!

3. When you are driving in traffic, try to visualize the artist of the next song or even commercial on the radio. Once you’ve grown adept at determining the artist you can add the artist and song an so on.

4. Another place I found that makes for good practice is when going to a meeting try to pick the color of the shirt of a person that will be there. After a few successful predictions, start adding multiple people or the actual outfit they may be wearing.

5. Grab a friend with some a few dice and try to predict the number on one and working your way up to deriving the total. For an even harder task, try to determine the number rolled for each dice.

Above all else, remember that you can’t force the situation, it comes naturally to everyone and you just need to be patient. After a few trial runs you will begin to feel the energy, the focus and be able to understand what you need to do to tap into your “sixth sense”.



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