Beyond Illusion

Last night I sensed, finally, that the energy is calming down. Whatever has been going on energetically has been wreaking havoc on my emotional state and I am glad it is settling down. My guide continues to tell me, “It will pass” and, though I am tired of hearing such messages time and again, I know he is right. I just have to get through these hills of intensely turbulent energy in order to reach a valley and rest.


As I recognized that the calm was finally returning, I let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, I wondered to myself, “What is going on?” As is typical of my guide, I got a response.

He showed me what appeared to be the energy of the Earth. It was jagged and looked a lot like lightening bolts of varying shades of color. The main colors I saw were red, green and blue but there were other colors like white and yellow that were less distinct.

Then I saw a vision of the level right above Earth blending and blurring with that of the Earth plane. I could see Spirit descending into the Earth plane and also some on the Earth place ascending to the level of Spirit. It was as if the two were experiencing an exchange, but neither stayed on the other side but was planted firmly in their world.

It reminded me of the vision I got years ago of myself standing in between two distinct worlds but not quite in one or the other. I stood in a mist that was gray and white and moving. On one side was Earth; our physical reality. On the other side was what I assumed was “heaven” or the “other side”. Now that I am older and understand more about the different planes that surround Earth, I know that the plane right above that of Earth is the astral plane.

After seeing these visions, which occurred in mere seconds, I understood without knowing exactly what it meant. I also knew that with this energy change I once again would leave my body more frequently. In fact, I suspected I would do so the next morning.


I could not fall asleep until close to midnight. That has been my pattern this month and it really has not been bothering me. In fact, I have not wanted to go to sleep. I don’t know why but I suspect it is because I do not want to confront something that will be happening in my sleep. Most likely healing which means confronting not so nice aspects of myself.

When I finally fell asleep I had dreams of fishing intermixed with dreams of sexual frustration. I won’t go into detail but in a nutshell the dreams were symbolic of my waking life. Ultimately, these dreams woke me up and I knew right away that I was working on my second chakra, trying to clear whatever was holding it so tightly closed. I knew that my feelings of overwhelm with my family was ultimately the perpetrator.

I fell back to sleep, dreaming that I visited my daughter at school where she was tutoring another child. I spoke with her teacher because my daughter was struggling to get her student to work and was doing his work for him. The teacher explained that was the way the program worked – everyone teaches someone else. I then lost my daughter as I tried to relay the message that part of her problem was she could not see well and might need glasses.

I left the room and then the school, watching the students pass by and noticing they were high school students. I sort of felt transported back to my middle school years because I was aware that I was walking outside of the very school I attended then. The students were very vivid and real as was the parking lot and the entire scene as I walked outside. Then, I suddenly thought, “How did I get here?”, but I did not remember. Then I thought to myself, “This is a dream!”

Upon realizing I was dreaming I became overjoyed and the scene brightened. I immediately dropped the pack of juice boxes I was carrying and launched myself up into the air. The day was bright and the sky blue and dotted with fluffy clouds. I soared upward very fast and thought to myself, “Uh oh, not so high!” Then I leveled out and looked down at a group of students. A young man was looking up and pointing at me. This occurred at the same time as a memory of a book I was reading where the author had recounted her own OBE and how she had to be careful of flying so as to not upset the other travelers. I recognized I was creating this very scene below me and allowed it to occur.

I reached down and took the hand of the young man as I said to him, “Come fly with me!” I pulled him up and he went soaring above me. I said to him, “Not so high!” as if to warn him not to go into outer space. I then let him carrying me along below him and I enjoyed the free feeling for a bit.

My thoughts got the better of me as I remembered, all at once, what I had been planning to do as soon as I got OBE. I began to request things all at once. “I want to be with the One” and “I want to Know” were among the requests. They all came out at once and then I began to sing them loudly and with great hope. I wanted to be reunited with the Source, to go beyond the illusion of life and the illusions I seemed so attached to.

As I sang I felt pulled upward again and the scene blacked out. I kept singing but instantly knew I would not go anywhere. I was pulled back into my body and gradually settled back in.

Beyond Illusion

The experience I had this morning did not seem very significant at first but now that I look back upon it, I feel it showed that I am opening up again to the adventure of creating while OOB. It is also promising to me that I did not find myself in the dark.

I have been reading a book called Doing Time on Earth: Unmasking the Hidden Mind Directing Our Lives. So far I have been fascinated by the book and it is one of the reasons I go to bed so late. There was one part of the book where the author discusses how she had a lucid dream in which she was trapped inside a cage made up of her own responsibilities. She saw how she was trapped inside this cage but was able to break free and rise above to experience peace and calm. She then returned to it and all the illusions of her life, recognizing each of them as restraining her in this life.

Reading the author’s experience made me think about my cage and how to break free. This is why I asked what I did while OOB. I likely went about it wrong and I am still trying to figure how to go about it, but I think I will get there eventually. I likely am not quite ready to get beyond my own illusions. Illusions can become comfortable and safe.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Illusion

  1. FOAL says:

    love reading all your adventures !!

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  2. daynaspirit says:

    Thank you! I’m glad someone reads them. 🙂


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