The Sun is on It’s Way

The night before last, for the first time in a while I could not fall asleep. I don’t know when I finally did fall asleep, but I felt tired in the morning. As a result I was not very focused through my work day and felt as if I were floating through in a dream most of the day. By the end of the day I was feeling pretty down because I accidentally noticed that an old high school classmate who made my middle and high school years pretty miserable, had another baby. Something about seeing her happy really ate me up inside. It seemed unfair that someone so nasty, deceitful and materialistic was getting to be happy. So unfair! I know, though, had I been more rested, that it wouldn’t have matter to me a bit.

It didn’t help that my middle child, most likely struggling to adjust to a new baby brother, continues to create messes the minute my head is turned. Yesterday he chose to open up nail polish and paint the bathtub while also getting out toilet bowel cleaner and pouring it over the top of the polish. Perhaps he was trying to clean his mess? Regardless, it was just another kick when I was already down. I felt many times that I would lose my mind yesterday. I am so happy the day is past.

So last night when I settled down to bed I was beat. The energy that I have been feeling all week, depleted. I was also very down and completely unnerved by the day’s events. I just wanted to get away and hide somewhere quiet and safe. I felt again as if I could not get far enough away from my life. I remember thinking I needed a break and asking for one.

“I’m a Lesbian”

I awoke again at 6a.m. feeling much like I did when I went to bed and irritated because the house was silent which indicated to me my husband was still asleep. Not good since his job on my days off is to get everyone up and ready for the day and allow me to sleep in. After trying unsuccessfully to not think about the fact that he was asleep, I finally went down and woke him up. I returned to my bed feeling the heaviness of the burden that is my role in this family. I feel that if I were to disappear the entire household would crumble down and fall apart without me there to make sure bills got paid, trash got put out, homework was done, lunches made, groceries bought, meals prepared and cleaned up….the list goes on and on.

Somehow I managed to returned to sleep and fell into an odd dream. I was with my middle son (the one who painted the bathtub with nail polish) and we were entering a restaurant. The hostess greeted us and my son said to her, “I’m a lesbian”. She looked at me and said, “Lesbian? Oh,” as if this meant we could not eat there. When I heard the term lesbian it felt very off yet a part of me seemed to accept it like, “Yeah he is”. I looked at the hostess as she was joined by another woman and they both looked at me questionably as if I were expected to explain. I stood there, struggling to figure out what was going on. I looked at my son, standing there naked, his white-blond hair stark in contrast to the brownish ambiance of the room. As I looked at him I kept thinking to myself, Lesbian? Lesbian?

Now, looking back on the experience, I know that the word was a trigger to get me to wake up, but at that point it was just very confusing because a part of me knew it was dead wrong and out of place but another part wanted to just accept it and happily have my dinner.

Hundreds of Houses

The trigger must have finally worked because the dream vanished and I felt the familiar floating feeling that comes with a disconnect from my body.  I instantly recognized I was OOB, too, but was not excited to find that once again I could not see well because it was dark. I also recognized I was inside my mom’s house and went directly to a window to exit. I flew into it, hoping to go right through, but met resistance and so opened it.

When I went outside it was still dark. Disappointed (I really wanted it to be light which often happens when I go outside), I floated up and hovered while I surveyed the space around me. I was definitely not outside my mom’s house but somewhere else, somewhere with mountains.

After I got my bearings, I remembered that I wanted to try something a member of my astral projectors FB group had posted. This being that they chanted “OM” to help them let go. I had told myself to try this the next time I went OOB but doubted I would remember it. Yet, here I was, in the midst of an OBE, thinking to myself, “Chant OM!”

So I did, but it didn’t come out quite right. Instead of sounding like the familiar chanting, it came out more like a howl. In fact, I sounded like I was howling at the moon! Instead of laughing at this, I got very serious and focused on trying to do it “right”. So I tried it a few more times, still hearing more of a howling sound that continued to get more and more like a wolf’s howl than the OM I wanted. I think once, and only once, did it sound something like I wanted.

At some point I gave up on trying to OM and instead just thought, “Let go”. At the same time as I thought this, I noticed that the mountains in front of me were dotted with hundreds of houses. Each of them was lit up with yellow light. Each house was identical – white, two-story, with four square windows with the familiar four tiny boxes inside each. All of them lit up brightly. When I saw how many there were I took it all in and recognized it as beautiful. Yet I was disinterested. A part of me was still holding onto the sadness I had gone to bed with.

I began to feel the familiar pull upwards that often hits me. I am not certain of what it is meant to do but I had a distinct feeling that I needed to go along with it. In fact, I felt at that time a knowingness that was saying, “Just go with it” along with a message saying, “Let me show you”. I all at once gave into this feeling, wanting, desiring to know what lay ahead.

But I must have still been resisting because I began to flounder and the upward sensation stopped suddenly. I felt the familiar floaty feeling I get when I come close to my body and resisted the temptation to settle back into my body. The message still strong that there was something I needed to see, to be shown.

viewThe Sun is on It’s Way

I willed myself back to where I had been. Within moments I was again floating near the mountains but the white, yellow-lit houses were gone. Instead the mountainside was dark as was everything else. I again felt the familiar pulling sensation and felt/knew that I needed to let myself be pulled up. For some reason I also began to sing loudly. There is a faint memory with the singing that I needed to raise my vibration and a recognition that the darkness of my vision coincided with the darkness I was feeling.

As I sang, I was pulled up with ever increasing velocity. Usually I resist, thinking I will soon end up in space looking down at planet Earth, but this time I sang loudly, “I don’t mind going into space”, repeating a variation of that thought several times and accepting that soon I would be looking down at the Earth.

But my hand scraped something hard and I realized that although I felt to be miles up in the sky, I was not. Then I opened my eyes and for a moment saw with color and clarity. I was very close to the ground and flying fast. I remember looking down as I flew and seeing a pair of white sandals all alone on the hillside in the grass. I wanted to reach down and pick them up, but felt pulled away and upward over the mountains and hills.

I also remember the song I was singing, melody and words. I sang:

“‘Cause I know it’ll be okay,

And the sun is on it’s way,

Everything is always just that way”.

As the words to the second line came out of my mouth, I saw vividly the bright, morning sun rising to my left right along with the words “the sun is on it’s way”. It was an amazing, vibrant orange-red and its rays reached out and illuminated my vision. The sky exploded in color, a pastel shade of blue dotted with white clouds and the oranges and reds of a brilliant sunrise. I looked to my right as I sang the last line and saw the once dark mountain side brighten and come alive with color, the green so vibrant that it made me want to cry.

All the while I was soaring low on the horizon and singing, feeling much lighter and more free than I had been feeling in the previous gloomy darkness.

The emotions that hit me, mostly joy and relief, caused me to return to my body. I did not want to open my eyes, but when I did, my cheek was wet with tears. Although the experience did lift my spirits for a moment, when I awoke I was reluctant to get out of bed.


This morning, as I reflect on the experience, I realize that my energy and vibration has been very low despite my energy seeming to be high. I also have been stuck in some negative past experiences which, unfortunately, have pulled me into similar scenarios while OOB. I have been considering this as I mull over my most recent OBEs and I believe I was testing it during this particular experience. Result? Success!

Singing has always elevated my mood. No matter how down I am, the act of singing pulls me out of the despair. In my earlier OBEs, singing was often in the background and I have many pleasant memories of dancing and singing with my dog, Trooper, in the sunshine and warmth of my own astral landscape. I also have many a memory as a child of singing made-up songs as I played with my dolls or wandered around the yard aimlessly. Presently, my own daughter sings her own made-up melodies and dances happily much like I did when I was her age.

Perhaps the biggest lesson this experience taught me is that my thoughts create my reality, no matter where I am. And if I can just get in control of them, then I can pull myself out of whatever funk I find myself in. I have learned this lesson before, but, as another post in my FB group reminded me, sometimes we need to be reminded of lessons we have already learned because, despite us knowing the lesson, we may not have fully integrated it.

Finally, I believe there was a breakthrough in this OBE that is very significant. I decided to “let go” and do something different than I had done in my other OBEs. I have been trying, unsuccessfully for the most part, to control my OBEs and the results have been more of the same: dead ends, sudden endings, dark gloominess, and a feeling of failure upon waking. This time I let myself be taken wherever I was going and ended up regaining my vision. I also realized that the loss of my vision was an illusion. The colors and beauty were always there but my mood and fight for control overshadowed them. It was only when I let go that the darkness disappeared and let in the light.


4 thoughts on “The Sun is on It’s Way

  1. motherofeden says:

    Reading this just makes me wish we could have a cup of tea together. I am feeling the mothering overload as well, and also singing my way through.

    I hope to one day sing out of body; that is one thing I have not done yet and I love your musical OBE stories.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. daynaspirit says:

    It would be nice to have tea with you. It is hard being a mother! Today my son squirted toothpaste all over his brother’s face and into his eye. Thankfully none got into the eye but it was another mess to clean up. Every day there seems to be more, too. He has become a little monster!


  3. FOAL says:

    How beautiful !! all of it and all of your experiences !! and then
    “‘Cause I know it’ll be okay,

    And the sun is on it’s way,

    Everything is always just that way”.
    Well, i really needed this today ! THANKS !

    Liked by 1 person

    • daynaspirit says:

      Thank you. Ever since I could hear my guides I have gotten the consistent message that “It will be okay”. I often get mad hearing it but really, if you think about it and how we are endless, infinite beings that really cannot be harmed unless we want to, it WILL be okay.


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